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Monday, January 2, 2017

My Thoughts and Feelings by M

Hi I'm M,

Alright that sounded a little corny for an opening but not really sure what to put as this is something new to me. I've never written a blog post before so please forgive me if it doesn't come across as eloquent as Dianne's post. She is sitting here right next to me to help me if I have questions but she wants me to express things in my own way which I asked her to do. Now that I'm sitting here writing this I'm having second thoughts but I've already committed to it so here it goes.

Since Dianne has already gone into how I discovered her blog and also my discovery of Bob's apparent discomfort and pantie wearing at work I won't bother rehashing that. What I would like to say though is since I was already aware of her blog for reasons you already know, I was interested to find out more about the dynamics of this relationship. It certainly sounded interesting and I could see where it could possibly work to bring about change in a person. I certainly was aware that spankings brought about change in my behavior as I was growing up. It's just that I never had even dreamed about this being effective with an adult man or woman. So when I discovered Dianne's blog in my research it definitely peaked an interest or curiosity in me. So I decided to give it a try which that's all that happened was that I suggested it to my now ex husband. So I never really got to find out if this worked or not. Dianne had informed me through emails that both partners had to be willing for it to work and she was right about that. At that point I got divorced and really didn't even think about spanking as a lifestyle anymore, Also I quit doing research and reading Dianne's blog because there was really no reason to. I certainly wasn't reading it for entertainment or looking for something sexual to do as I didn't even have a partner anymore. Not to mention spanking was anything but sexual in my mind.

Fast forward about a year and that fateful day in my office with Bob showing obvious signs of discomfort when he sat down for our meeting. I really was concerned that maybe he had gotten hurt somehow and hadn't said anything. When he told me he was just sore from doing some things around his house I really didn't give it a second thought. I did make the statement about Dianne giving him a good whooping but was really just joking around. It was nothing more than a figure of speech and I certainly didn't think that actually happened. But then his reaction when I said it I thought was very odd. He did eventually laugh and say that wasn't the case but it took him a few seconds and it sounded like a forced laugh. It definitely peeked my curiosity to say the least and honestly made me think of Dianne's blog when it happened. It just sort of came from the back of my mind because as I already stated this was not something I thought about anymore. I quickly blew those thoughts off and thought there's no way this was actually the case with Bob. As you know I asked him to help me move some stuff around in the office which he did. And as Dianne said I did notice he didn't seem to be all that sore while doing this but I still didn't think to much about it. I thought well maybe he's hiding any pain or discomfort so I didn't feel bad for asking him to help. I want to make clear at this point I was certainly not on a mission to confirm any suspicions. Then that final thing when he picked up those boxes and sat them on my desk and his pants slipped down a little. And I was standing directly behind him when he went to pull them back up. He raised his shirt and there was no doubt that he was wearing panties. They weren't frilly sexy panties they were just regular cotton panties like Hanes Her Way or Fruit of the Loom. But being a woman it wasn't hard to detect that they were definitely panties and not men's underwear. Dianne wrote about Bob panicking and pulling his jeans up rather quickly and he certainly did. But I have to admit I was just as shocked as he probably was upon seeing him in panties. I didn't say anything or even try to let on that I'd seen them but it certainly again peeked my curiosity. And of course made me think again about Dianne's blog. So as soon as I got home that day (Friday)  I got online and looked again at her blog. I read the stories that had been posted since I'd last been on her site and then made a mental note of her name. With this knowledge I went in Monday morning curious to say the least. And just to shorten things up I won't go into to it because Dianne's already wrote about what happened that morning.

And yes I did want to certainly meet her I mean I felt I had to just to learn more about hers and Bob's arrangement. My main concern was now that I had knowledge of this new information was it going to effect Bob's and my working relationship. That was something I couldn't let happen. So we met and I also talked to Bob several more times at work to try and smooth things over to where he still felt comfortable around me as his superior. It really didn't change anything once we'd talked about it and it was all out in the open and I'd convinced him his secret was safe with me. So within just a few days we were back to business as usual at work. And then it happened that fateful day with my boss and Bob going way overboard with his comment. I was pissed off to say the least and made sure he knew I was. But as fate would have it that was the day I was supposed to have lunch with Dianne and meet her for the first time. Really the second time as I'd briefly met her at a Christmas party one time. But that was way before I had any knowledge of their relationship. Anyways Bob's little comment and the way he handled the situation created a real shit storm for me as you can imagine. My boss was determined that Bob be wrote up at the very least and I certainly couldn't blame him. And if it weren't for my newly discovered knowledge about him and Dianne I would have done it in a heartbeat. But now I'm thinking maybe there's a better way to deal with this. I obviously couldn't tell my boss this but I was at least willing to give it a try so I went to bat for Bob with my boss. If he'd had continued to insist I'd have had no choice but I was able to finally convince him to let me try and handle it. Of course you know I told Dianne and what that eventually led too.

Now onto the real reason for this post and that is my feelings about how I felt spanking Bob that first time. And I must say part of me really wanted to just as retribution for the trouble he caused me. I think that would be a natural response for anyone given the opportunity. But my concerns were would it really work as I had no experience with spanking another adult nor had I even really thought about it before discovering Dianne's blog that first time. And secondly and probably my biggest concern was how would it effect mine and Bob's working relationship. As you know through some discussions with Dianne and Bob as well I was starting to lean towards the idea. The story Dianne told me about Bob having this fantasy about being spanked by me was a real motivator. I'm thinking to myself I'll show him how stupid that is to think about me that way. Then of course that day he comes storming into my office was the final straw that made up my mind. I mean it had barely been a week since I'd stuck my neck out for him with my boss because of his anger and here he was blowing up again. So I felt it was time I did something to change his attitude. As Dianne said in her post I stood up grabbed him and stuck his nose in the corner. Once I had done this and saw how effective it was at knocking him down a few notches I thought you know this spanking thing could really work. I mean there Bob was in my office throwing a tantrum like a little boy and as soon as I responded to that by treating him like a child and sticking his nose in the corner he instantly started settling down. So that put my mind at ease about spanking him.

Once it actually came down to spanking him that night at my house I made sure I confirmed with him that it wasn't going to effect our working relationship. Once I'd done that then I was determined to teach him a lesson. I felt what he'd done was pretty serious in fact serious enough it could cost him his job if he didn't get control of his anger at work. That's why I chose to use the strap because I knew from experience from both being on the receiving end of it as well as using it that it was not something that you take lightly once you've felt it. It's not something that will cause damage by breaking skin or anything but it certainly hurts like the dickens and makes you feel like it is. And the strapping I gave Bob that night was by far the worst strapping I'd ever given or for that matter ever received. The worst one I ever got was about ten to fifteen strokes from my mom when she caught me smoking pot out behind the barn when I was seventeen. I thought I was going to die before she was through but I can tell you I never tried pot again. And that was the last strapping I ever received as well.

Dianne and I had talked though beforehand about me spanking Bob and she had told me it would probably take more than I'm used to giving because of his fantasies about spanking and also the fact he's an adult. I explained to her about my spanking method or as she called it my two part spanking. So she knew going in what I was wanting to accomplish with Bob. And as she explained once I saw the tears in his eyes I knew I was getting through to him and it was time for the punishment to really start. In fact that's what she whispered to me during his strapping was that I was to the point of breaking him down emotionally to where he felt bad for what he's done. And that it was time for me to punish him enough to make sure he felt like he'd paid a big enough price to relieve his guilt. And so I did and as I told her I'm no stranger to delivering a good spanking so I was able to judge by Bob's reactions when he'd had enough. It took more than I thought it would but I also knew having Dianne right there she'd let me know if she felt like I needed to end it sooner.

So once that first spanking was out of the way it relieved all my concerns I was having about spanking Bob and how it would effect us at work. I saw first hand all it did was make things better between us and didn't hurt our working relationship at all. He actually became more attentive and kept a cooler head at work. He'll come talk to me now if something is starting to upset him and we can sit down and figure things out together instead of him just blowing up and saying or doing something stupid. And a few months later when I caught him lying to me it was no big deal for me to take him to my house after work and paddle his butt knowing it would bring the desired results. I realize with me anyways it's just simply a way of correcting childish behavior nothing more. There is certainly no sexual element to it for me anyways nor do I think there is for him now either. I think that first strapping I gave him pretty much cured him of any desire to be punished by me. And after that first strapping I gave him I too realized it really wasn't any different than when I had to correct one of my kids behaviors. He was a grown man yes but it was childish behavior I was correcting like a little boy in a grown mans body. In the end the results were the same. So it was something I didn't really want to do but felt it needed to be done to correct a bad behavior.

Now let's talk about Dianne and her spanking. This one was a lot less complicated for me and there were certainly no concerns on my part about doing it. The reason being is that already being fully aware of hers and Bob's relationship it was not something new to me as it was the first time with Bob. That and I knew Dianne was like me and understood spanking the same way I did, That is it was not anything sexual to her it was just punishment nothing more. I could tell she felt horrible for what she'd done and I really felt like a good spanking and some tears would be a good release for her emotionally. If her and Bob didn't have the relationship they had I would never have suggested it. Sure I was hurt that Dianne had used my real name but more concerned about fallout from anonymity than I was mad. But as I said I could tell she was really feeling guilty and as I said I felt it was the quickest way to release those feelings. Otherwise I felt like it would have been this lingering cloud always hanging over our friendship. This way it was just a hard hand spanking and paddling and a good cry for her to release those feelings of guilt. Then we were able to move on as friends without anything hanging over us. I was pretty stern with her during our discussion but really wasn't as mad as she thought. I was being serious during, as she put it her interrogation but that's because I wanted to get her into a proper mindset so she would be able to release those guilty feelings. I mean at least in my mind it was pretty serious she used my real name because as she said that was a big fear of mine was being discovered. I know the odds are extremely slim but after all I did discover her and Bob. And it was her begging me and finally convincing me that she would make sure there was no way that would ever happen before I let her write about me. So in my mind as I said I was hurt and a little worried as well. I was just going to feel her out that afternoon before suggesting a spanking but when she said she was willing to do anything to make it up to me, that just kind of opened the door to suggesting it. In no way was I going to try and force it on her and I did let her make the decision. She did agree with me it was probably a good way to handle it for both of us.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Requested Post

Hey Everyone,

I was posed the question a couple of times in fact about how I got Bob down to just 3-4 spankings a year in such a short period of time. Well to me it wasn't that short of a period as it did take take almost 3 years to accomplish this. But I've been told by some of my readers that they have been practicing this for longer than that and even ten years or more without arriving at these kind of results. So this got me to thinking what was so different about our situation than anyone else's. And to be honest I couldn't really point to anything that turned on a light in my head that said that's it.

So rather than try and think of one thing or more that could be the reason all I can do is write about what helped us get to this point. Do I think I'm a better spanker than anyone else? The answer would be absolutely not. I'm sure some women can spank harder than me and some not as hard. So bottom line is I don't think intensity has that much to do with it. Mainly because if you don't think your being effective my suggestion would be to try different implements. For example if your using your hand then a paddle would bring a lot more discomfort. The one thing I can't stress enough though is whatever you choose to use, get to know it as well as how much is enough and how much is to much, The object is inflict pain in the backside not to do any real and lasting damage. The ultimate goal is to get them to a point in the spanking that they are truly remorseful that they got themselves into that situation. For some that may come quicker than others. And even the same person different spankings can vary in achieving these results. Lots of factors there.

But the first thing we did was to sit down and talk to one another about what was needed and what was expected. Not just once either, we still communicate years later as that is the key to success. Once I'd decided I would do this for him I had some questions. First and foremost was how could something he found sexually exciting be a punishment. I mean you don't punish someone by rewarding them at least that's how I think. His answer was it is the thought of spanking that he finds exciting and that he didn't think the actual spanking would be something he enjoyed. Well I could certainly relate to a spanking not being enjoyable as that had always been my experience growing up. It was certainly nothing I tried to get or looked forward to. Knowing a little about his experiences already I knew he'd never been spanked growing up so he really had no clue what it was like. So I explained how it would be and that it wouldn't be something he enjoyed or in my mind I din't think so. I also told him that if I was to do this then whatever I say goes. I told him I would be the one to decide when he's learned his lesson and that he would have no say in how long or how hard of a spanking he got.Nor would he have any say in whether or not he deserved a spanking. I said so basically your giving up total control to me when it comes to discipline. He said he understood but I really didn't think he did with no past experience to compare it to. And I was right but he did figure out eventually real spankings hurt.

Next we discussed what it was he was really looking for in having me spank him. I asked if he was looking for role play for fantasy or acting out scenes. I said if that's the case we can do that and you can have a safe word when you've had enough. I said or are you looking for real accountability to correct behavior which is how I viewed spankings. He said since that's what he didn't get growing up that that is what he wanted to experience to help him with guilt and other areas that needed improvement. I'll get into those in a little bit but for now upon him telling me this I asked him if he was absolutely sure about this. He said he was and I again told him to think long and hard because if that's what he wants I'd give it to him but they would be real and painful. He asked if maybe he could have both real spankings when needed but also play spankings to where we act something out from time to time. I told him absolutely not it's one or the other. I explained my reasoning behind this and it's really pretty simple. I felt and still do feel that doing both would cause to much confusion. In other words if he did something that upset me enough to where I felt like he needed a spanking I didn't want him wondering if I was serious. I didn't want any question on his part of whether I was just acting out a scene for him or am I really upset. So as you know by my blog real spankings were the final decision. I still remember the first spanking I gave him was for procrastinating about cutting down a dead tree. I'd been asking him to do it for over a year and it still hadn't gotten done. It wasn't a big tree so it wasn't that big of a job but he just kept putting it off for whatever reason. Once we'd discussed spanking in our relationship I told him that next day he needed to get it done. A week went by and it still wasn't done so I told him it was time for his first lesson from me. I got a paddle one we already had and informed him I was tired of asking him to remove the tree. I told him to drop his pants and underwear and bend over the couch. He dropped his pants and underwear and his penis was standing at full attention as he bent over. I was determined not to make this exciting for him so I laid into his bare butt pretty good with that paddle all in the lower part of his bottom. The first swat he stood up and grabbed his butt and started rubbing and saying he'd go cut down the tree. I told him he would as soon as we were done. I said you wanted to experience discipline so he was going to experience it first for procrastinating. I ended up giving him about 15-20 solid smacks with that paddle to his bare butt and he was begging and pleading the whole time. I told him I'd warned him that real discipline hurts. I said so if you want to change your mind now about this then now is the time because this is what it will be like. He said it wasn't fun and nothing like his fantasies but still felt it would do him good. On a side note when I finished the erection was gone and he went out and had the tree removed in under an hour. It was about a week after this that I found out about him going and seeing his high school friend Dee behind my back.

So that's how it began but the first few months I noticed it seemed like he was doing things just to try and get me to spank him. So I thought well maybe I need to spank him harder or longer but even doing that got the same results. The only difference was he would go a little longer before acting up again but I still wasn't seeing any real change. Again making me wonder about that first question I posed about something he enjoyed being punishment. I mean by his reactions I could tell he certainly wasn't enjoying the spanking. So we talked some more again I can't stress enough the importance of constantly communicating. His answer was he certainly didn't enjoy a spanking and that I was a really good spanker. It's just that it being sexually exciting to him was pretty deep rooted in his mind. So while he hated the spanking while it was happening within a few days the thought of it started getting him excited. And yes he admitted he was intentionally doing things at that point to earn one as much as he hated the actual spanking. Or another way he put it is within a few days he would start thinking with the wrong head. So I knew I needed to come up with a solution to this problem if I was really going to help him make positive changes in his life. I needed to find a way to deal with and satisfy those sexual desires as well if I wanted a real spanking to be effective. We discussed this and he suggested that we could role play when he started getting those thoughts. Again I said no because of the reasons I stated already. But at the same time I thought he might be onto something minus the role play. So I came up with the spanking he ask for and even wrote a post about it by the same title. I won't go into detail as you can read about it in the post. But simply anytime he gets an urge to be spanked all he has to do is merely ask me for one. And I promised him and I'm proud to say I have always  given him one. The big difference between this spanking and a real spanking is that he's in control the whole time. If he has a fantasy he wants to live out other than just in his mind this is his opportunity to do so. I don't want to know what the fantasy is so he does have to keep that to himself. But I'll give him exactly what he ask for as far as a spanking goes. So in a way it's role play but just for him I'm simply providing a spanking. And for my benefit these always lead to other things if you know what I mean. So in the end we're both satisfied.

Again he has to ask for these I don't just give him playful spankings randomly. That way if I tell him he's getting a spanking it can only mean one thing and that is he screwed up and is in real trouble. Upon doing this I saw a instant decrease in the number of spankings I was having to give him as well as real change starting to happen in his behavior. So that was what I'd been missing the first few months. Simple solution but not something I would have thought of on my own. It only came about by discussing things and communicating with one another. So with that problem solved it was time to move on to really helping him make those improvements that we both feel he needed to work on.

Again this is something we discussed in detail on what we both felt was and was not appropriate behavior. The big things for him were his temper, procrastination and being respectful to not only me but others as well. Most times the respect and temper were closely tied together as he would say something rude to me or someone out of anger. Not always though as I feel it's disrespectful to me for him to gawk at another woman. I'm not simply talking about noticing a pretty lady as that's a natural human reaction we all do that. But when he all out stares almost like undressing her with his eyes or turns around to see her backside after she passes by is what I'm talking about when I say gawking.

So these were the main areas we worked on with a few minor infractions as well but usually related to what I like to call the big three which I mentioned above. Now I realize reading my blog or any blog for that matter it can be a little confusing. By that I just mean it's easy to get the idea that this is like a full time thing for us. For some it may be and that's fine but for us nothing could be further from the truth. I married Bob because I wanted a husband and certainly not a kid to have to raise the rest of my life. And he is just that (A Husband) 100% of the time. He has opinions on things that I respect and plays the role of a husband in everyday life. He is respectful and kind and loving most of the time and a lot more so now than he used to be. Bottom line is you wouldn't be able to tell us from any other couple you'd meet. I say this because the whole FLR (female led relationship) covers such a broad spectrum that it's not fair to categorize every relationship into this one basket. As I said for some it may mean the wife has all the say in a relationship and the husband just does what she wants. And as I said if that's what someone wants and it works for them I think that's great. But for us we consider ourselves equals as husband and wife and probably what describes us closer would be DD or (domestic discipline). In these cases it's female led in the sense that I'm the one doing the punishing and he takes whatever I decide he needs. But this is what he asked for from me and I gave him ample warnings that it would not be anything fun or enjoyable. But again it's such a small percentage of our life.

I don't consider myself superior to him anymore than he considers himself submissive to me. I personally wouldn't want to be a dominant wife and I'm sure he doesn't want to be a full time submissive husband. So the only time we take on those roles is if he's done something in one of the areas I've mentioned above I move in to correct that behavior. And I do that through discipline and I take the dominant role and he takes the submissive role. But once the spanking or punishment is over we hug and kiss and move on as equals again. With the knowledge though that he knows that type of behavior will get me upset and him into trouble. So he learns from these experiences that it's best he avoid those things if at all possible.

So with that said I would like to say I'm certainly in no way looking for reasons to give him a spanking. I've heard some pretty petty reasons from some comments and emails that I would never dream of punishing him for. Things like forgetting to take out the trash or not folding the laundry properly or accidentally spilling something. To me that's pretty petty stuff to deserve a real disciplinary spanking for, especially to a grown man. Again I'm not knocking or putting down anyone that wants to do those things I'm just saying that's not us. And even the more serious offenses these days stuff that would get him spanked like losing his temper I can usually diffuse that before it gets out of control. For example if I see him starting to get mad or frustrated all I have to do is tell him he better take things down a notch or he knows what's going to happen. Most of the time that alone is enough to make him stop and think and continue on in a more rational manner. This can even be done in public without embarrassment or humiliation simply by whispering something like that in his ear. Or simply by givng him a look that tells him he's pushing the boundries.

So that's the real reason he gets so few spankings now is I'm usually able to diffuse a situation before it gets carried to far. And it works in all the areas I mentioned for instance if he's procrastinating about doing something he needs to get done. I'll tell him you need to get that done by whenever or there's going to be consequences. And guess what it usually gets done by whenever I told him it needed done by.

So that puts us back at square one about how did I get him to the point of just the threat of him getting punished is enough to correct his behavior most of the time. As I mentioned early on in the post I think the big key factor was in me finding a way to separate the sexuality of a spanking from a real disciplinary spanking in his mind. Again I did this with the two very different kind of spankings. The ones he ask for and the ones I decide he needs. Once that was established it was just a learning process for him that real punishment hurts and is embarrassing and is something he wants to try and avoid. So by learning that they continued to become less and less frequent. But here's the deal and I can't stress this enough and that is you have to be very consistent all the time so you don't send mixed signals. In other words "do what you say and say what you mean". Once you've discussed and decided what your trying to accomplish and made clear what will get him punished carry it out without exception. Don't get upset and threaten to spank him and then not carry through with it. They will test you especially in the beginning so you have to be consistent. If he breaks a rule you punish him every time no exceptions. If they do it again a few weeks or even a month later you punish them again only a little more harshly. For example the first time I spanked Bob for losing his temper I think I used a hairbrush. The next time we had to deal with the same thing I stepped it up to a strap. But again the bottom line is don't let them slide unless there's a pretty good reason for their behavior which usually is not the case. Most men like Bob that want to be spanked find it exciting in some form. Like I said he told me for him the thought of a spanking is what excites him not the actual spanking itself. So once he realizes he's gone over that threshold with me and is going to be punished he can come up with a million reasons why he did what he did. This is because once he realizes he's going to get a punishment spanking he dreads it and doesn't want it to happen. But once I've decided it's going to happen it's definitely going to happen. If we're out shopping or something and he crosses the line into improper behavior, I discretely inform him he's crossed the line and we'll deal with it as soon as we get home. There's no doubt in his mind that I'm serious when I inform him of that. He knows we're not going to get home and I will have forgotten about it. If I told him he was going to be punished then he's getting punished. So that's how you get them to a point of just a simple verbal warning or even just a stern look usually stops the behavior because they know your serious.

Hopefully this was helpful as I'm no expert by any means. Everyone needs to find what works best for them and their situation. But to summarize first you need to figure out what your trying to accomplish. And then be consistant with what you decide. And never stop communicating.

I would also like to gladly announce that M has informed me she would like to write a post on here to kind of explain her thoughts and feelings about her role in punishing Bob as well as me. So please when she does so be kind to her in your comments. In fact I may write a post myself sometime in the future about how involving other women in Bob's punishment came to fruition. As this certainly wasn't my intentions when we started this lifestyle.

Also I finally got another profile picture up on my blog and yes it's really me. I'm not going to show my face for obvious reasons but I felt it was time to give at least some identity to the woman behind the blog. LOL
All the other pictures I used to have on my blog got wiped out awhile back when my site crashed for some reason. I'm not going to try and go back and look for pictures on the web that fit my post as I simply don't have time. I'm just telling you this in case anyone was wondering what happen to all my old pictures. That was the reason and it wasn't me that removed them.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Bob's Second Visit with M.

Hey Everyone,

I know in my  post "Bob's Punishment From M", I said that Bob had gotten paddled one other time by M. And then I stated that I wasn't going to write about it though. But after I thought about it I decided that wasn't very nice of me to just leave everyone wondering about it. I mean I don't want to be a big tease or anything so since I did mention it I felt it was only fair to you that I write about it. That and of course the post I recently posted about my spanking. I certainly didn't want that to be the last post for awhile. LOL

So this actually happened a few weeks after his initial strapping that she'd given him after I'd talked her into dealing with him that first time. And me and her had gotten to know each other a lot better by then and had even gotten together for lunch a couple of times. As well as she'd been over to the house a couple of weekends for get together's. The point I'm trying to make here is that her and I had become really good friends at this point and so my trust in her was very high as well. She was no longer just Bob's boss that had found out about our lifestyle but rather a friend I trusted to deal with Bob if needed whether I was present or not. So much like my sister Amy if I'm gone and Bob does something that needs addressed I trust her to deal with it. Yes I want to know about it obviously but bottom line is I don't have to be physically there when the punishment is carried out.

Anyways this all happened about a year ago on a weekend (Saturday) and Bob was at work working overtime. M usually doesn't go in on the weekends as she is salary and already works 10-12 hour days during the week. But this particular Saturday she went in without telling anyone she was coming in as a sting operation so to speak. She went in just before everyone went to lunch and parked out back coming in through a back door and straight up to her office. She was in her office with her door closed and locked and the lights out so no one knew she was there. They had had some things come up missing or stolen and so she was there to see if she could catch whoever was doing it. She said she has a view of the whole shop from a window in her office and was watching in the dark so no one could see her. Well I guess it paid off because just after everyone left the shop floor to either go out for lunch or go to the break room she said she watched as this one employee went around and gathered up a few things and then headed to his car with them. She said she rushed back downstairs and out to her car and drove back around the building and cut him off at the gate. Apparently the stuff was right there on his seat next to him so he was pretty well busted. She took his badge and told him he was suspended pending investigation and then let him out of the gate.

Anyways none of that is really important to this story as I was just explaining why M had gone to work on a Saturday in the first place. So after that she went back to her office and filled out the necessary paperwork about the incident and then she said she went down to check in with Bob before she went back home. By this time it was about 15 to 20 minutes after lunch so everyone was back at work. She said she walked into Bob's office and there he was sound asleep in his chair. She said she didn't wake him up but rather started looking at the daily production reports and stuff. She said after 3 or 4 minutes he woke up and started stretching and then noticed her standing there in the office and sat up rather quickly. She said she looked at him and asked him if he had a good nap. His reply was that he wasn't sleeping he'd just closed his eyes for a second to rest them. She told him so now on top of sleeping on the job he was going to lie to her about it as well. She then informed him that she'd been in the office a few minutes and had listened to him lightly snoring so she knew he wasn't just resting his eyes. He then asked her why she was there on a Saturday I'm sure trying to change the subject. She said she told him she had some things she needed to deal with but that doesn't matter right now. She said the thing that matters is obviously he didn't expect her and so he thought it was alright to come in and sleep. He told her that wasn't the case that he didn't intend to fall asleep and that he was really was just planning on resting his eyes for a few minutes. He told her he had about 10 minutes left before lunch was over and just closed them to rest them and he guessed he fell asleep. He told her with all the overtime and long hours they've been working he was just really tired. He told her he'd been out on the floor all morning and had even been helping out to make sure they had a really good production day. She told him she could see that from the reports. She told him she also believed him that he didn't intend to fall asleep and could understand him being tired. But the thing that she was upset about was why didn't he just tell her that instead of lying and saying he wasn't sleeping. He said he didn't know that he guessed he just didn't want to get in trouble for sleeping. She then told him well now she was even more upset because he lied about it, so that didn't work out to well for him. She said the one thing she won't put up with is lying especially since she needs to trust him to do his job. He told her he was really sorry and she was right he shouldn't have lied to her. She then asked him if he was really sorry that he lied or is he sorry that he got caught lying. He told her a little of both he guessed. She said she felt  he was more sorry that he got caught.

She then asked him what I would do to him if I caught him lying? He told her that he would get a very severe paddling at the very least but probably more likely the strap or the cane. She asked him if that was something he enjoyed? He told her no way and that he's learned never to lie to me. She said alright so you don't lie to Dianne but you think it's alright to lie to me or someone else. He told her no and she responded and said but you just lied to me didn't you? She said he admitted he had and again told her how sorry he was. She said it was apparent  that he was getting pretty nervous at this point. She again reminded him she felt he was more sorry that he'd gotten caught lying than he was for actually lying. She said but lets see if we can change that we'll call Dianne right now. She had him call me and put me on speaker and she explained the whole situation to me. She explained to me she felt it wasn't a big lie but it was a lie none the less. We both agreed he needed to be taught a lesson. I had things to do later that afternoon when Bob would have gotten off so I told her I wouldn't be able to deal with it till later that evening. I told her but if she wanted to deal with it herself that afternoon she was more than welcome to as I trusted her. She said well I'm going to leave that up to him and then she asked Bob if he wanted her to deal with it as soon as he was off or would he rather me deal with him. He asked me if I was going to deal with him anyways and punish him again. I told him that yes I did feel I needed to make sure he knew how wrong I feel it is to lie. But that I would come up with something besides spanking him for that if he chose to let M deal with it. I assured him that he would only get one spanking from either M or me.  I said so what's it going to be Bob do you want me to deal with this tonight or do you want M to deal with it right after work. He said he'd just as soon get it over with so he'd let M deal with it right after work. I told him that was alright by me and she told me she'd have him come to her house as soon as he got off.

M and I talked again after she got back home and she told me that she was just planning on using a paddle on him but she would make sure it was a good enough paddling to teach him a proper lesson to not lie to her. I told her I trusted her and since I'd seen her in action already once before I knew she was quite capable of getting the point across. As I said this happened over a year ago but as you know from my last post I can now say firsthand sh'e very capable. The rest of this post I'm obviously just writing second hand information from what Bob and M told me as I wasn't actually there.

So after work Bob went straight over to M's house and she brought him into the family room and told him to have a seat. She sat across from him and asked if he fully understood why he was there and why he was about to get punished. He told her he was and again apologized for lying to her. She said that he told her he was really dreading having to feel that strap again but agreed he deserved it. She informed him she didn't think it was that serious of a lie to deserve the strap but it was still a lie and he still needed to be punished for it. He then asked her if she was just going to give him a good hand spanking and she laughed and told him he wished. She said I'm not using the strap but I do have this nice paddle I've had for years that has seen its share of use to straighten out naughty bottoms. Bob said at that point she reached over and grabbed this tear shaped paddle off the coffee table that he hadn't noticed was lying there. Yes it's was the same paddle I just got to feel as stated in my last post. It is like a small version of a jokari paddle just more teardrop shaped than round. But it is big enough that it can cover one whole cheek with each swat. Or at least the lower part of the cheek anyways. And having felt it myself now I can assure you it packs quite a sting.

Anyways she said well you know why we're here so lets get this over with so you learn not to lie to me. She moved over to the center of the couch she was sitting on and told him to come over to her. He got up and walked over to her and she told him to drop his pants and underwear and get over her lap. He told her that I might not agree to him exposing himself to her like that. She said well Dianne and I have already discussed this and she's fine with it. She told him she'd close her eyes while he lowered his pants and got over her lap. But she told him to trust her she was not interested in seeing anything he had other than his bare butt. She told him that is where she'll be concentrating all her attention to. He said she closed her eyes and told him to hurry up and so he did pull down his pants and underwear and quickly got over her knee.

He said once he was there she asked if he was ready and he said he was and he said she wasted no time in delivering about 4 hard swats to his bare butt. Two on each cheek and he said he was already in massive distress as his butt was on fire. He said she paused and asked him if he thought it was a bad thing to lie to her now and he told her it definitely was. She then delivered about six more and Bob said at this point he was wondering if he could take much more. She stopped and then asked if she was getting through to him and if he was going to lie to her at work anymore. He assured her he wouldn't and that he was very sorry. She gave him six more and told him that those six for sleeping. She told him in the future that if he felt that tired he needed to get up and walk around instead of closing his eyes. He again said he was sorry and that it wouldn't happen again. She said well the reason I gave you those is just to re-enforce the fact that sleeping is not sending a good message to his crew. He said he understood and that he really never intended to fall asleep that day. She told him she believed him but felt like she needed to re-enforce her point. She said he then asked her if they were about done.

She informed him she was not done and that just like last time this had just been the discussion part of his spanking to make sure she felt he was learning his lesson. She said so no more questions and that now she was just going to get down to the punishment part of his paddling. He said he remembered when she strapped him a few weeks earlier her saying that and what had followed. Which was a rapid non stop flurry of smacks. So he said he wasn't sure if that's what she meant this time but was hoping it wasn't. But that is exactly what she meant and me and her had actually talked about this after his strapping she gave him. She said she always liked to break up her spankings into two parts more or less. A few in the beginning with some questions and scolding thrown in to make sure she was getting through. And then secondly just get down to the spanking itself. Again I've since experienced this myself firsthand and it was no different for me.

So Bob said with her statement that it was now time to get down to the punishment part, he said she shifted herself on the couch a little and wrapped her leg around his thighs. She then told him to reach back and give her his free hand so she could hold onto it. He did as she asked and she told him unlike the strap she didn't want to hit his hand with the paddle as that could cause damage. So Bob said there he was locked firmly in place feeling pretty helpless and at her mercy. She told him to get ready and then proceeded to start whacking him rapidly and non stop with her paddle. He said it hurt so bad and he was struggling to try and get away from the onslaught on his butt but she had him locked in tight and he wasn't going anywhere. He said it was feeling like she was removing flesh but of course she wasn't and instead he just had a well spanked red bottom when she finished. Bob told me it seemed like she spanked him for and eternity but it was probably more like about five minutes. This is where their stories differ because M told me it was about a minute or two and probably about 40 to 50 swats total in all. And to be honest I believe her on that part. Poor Bob was in distress as a good spanking should put you so his concept of things I'm sure were quite different from hers. She would have been the one with a clear head as she was the one delivering this paddling and not the one in distress.

Once she was finished she released him from her grip and told him it was over and that she hoped he'd learned a lesson not to lie to her or sleep on the job. He assured her he had and again said he was very sorry that he had lied about being asleep and thanked her for teaching him a lesson, She told him she was closing her eyes so he needed to get up and pull his pants up which he said he quickly did even though he wanted to take a minute to rub the sting out of his bottom. But he said he waited to do that until after his pants were up. He told her he was dressed and she opened her eyes and then stood up and gave him a hug. She told him hopefully it will be awhile before she has to deal with him in this manner again and he told her it would be and hopefully never again. She told him if he lied again next time it would be the strap and he assured her that wasn't going to happen. She said well she was glad to hear that and felt like he'd learned his lesson.

She showed him to the door and told him she would see him Monday at work. He told her he would see her then and again thanked her and apologized for his behavior. She said well you were taught a lesson so that's water under the bridge now and told him to enjoy the rest of his weekend. She then called me and let me know he was on his way home and explained to me the paddling she gave him. I thanked her for taking care of it and told her I would call her later that evening once I got back home. She told me it was no problem and that she was glad she could help teach him a lesson.

Once I was home as promised I still felt like I needed to deal with Bob for lying as he knows that's a big no no in my book. But as promised I wasn't going to give him another spanking as I felt one was plenty in this case. I did look at his bottom when I got home and could tell M had really given him a good paddling as it was still pretty pink a few hours later. And I decided a proper punishment for him from me would be line writing. So I made him sit on his sore bare bottom on a hard wooden chair and write out 200 times "Lying is wrong and I won't lie to anyone again" neat and legible of course.

I then called M back and told her I was home and thanked her again for dealing with Bob. I told her all appearances indicated she gave him a really good paddling and she assured me she had. I then informed her that he'd have a little present for her Monday morning at work. I told her what my punishment for him was and told her that he'd be giving her his two hundred lines that he's now writing. She told me that was a great punishment and asked if I wanted them back after he showed them to her. I told her no they were hers to do with what she wanted. I told her when I've had him do this in the past I usually just look them over and make sure it's all legible and that they are all there and then I just stick them in the shredder. I said he gets to see all that hard work get shredded up in seconds. She said well she thought she'd hang on to them. I told her that was fine whatever she felt like doing with them as they were hers.

So there you have it this was Bob's paddling he got from M after his initial strapping form her. And to this date it is the last time he has been punished by her. I guess with M he's learned just like it is with me and that is, it's easier to just behave and follow the rules than it is to pay for breaking them.

Again I hope everyone enjoyed these developments and am happy I was finally able to write about them. Even if they did cost my butt some discomfort. And I promise as I did before, this isn't goodbye but rather a break in posting till I feel I have something worth posting about.

I have had some request or suggestions on some things to write about and I probably will do those sometime in the near future.


Friday, December 2, 2016

An Unplanned Post and My Spanking

Hey Everyone,

Well this is a post I never intended to write nor did I want to write it for that matter as it's a little embarrassing. First let me give you the backstory on what led to this happening. As you know I've been doing some recent post about some developments that took place a little over a year ago with Bob's boss. If your not aware of this go back and start reading at "A Long Overdue Post". Anyway the reason it took me over a year to post about these developments is because Bob's supervisor had to give her nod of approval before I posted them. I wasn't about to write about her and what happened since she is well aware of my blog. It took some convincing on my part but she finally gave her okay and I started writing about the developments. But her concern was her anonymity and being found out about is why she was a little leery. Her belief was that since she had basically put together who I was and Bob was and the blog she was concerned that could happen with her. I told her it was just an unfortunate (for Bob anyways) series of events that led to her discovery of our real identity. After some time (over a year) I'd finally convinced her that there was no way anyone was going to find out. I told her even if someone had any suspicions which was highly unlikely all she had to do was deny it and I would do the same. And I promised her that I would not use her real name but rather just an initial that was not even her real initial when referring to her. Well as you can see by my recent post I finally gained her trust and she gave me the go ahead to write about these things.

So everything was good and she was happy and I always let her proof read every post before posting it just so she could feel comfortable with it. I'd given her the name M which again is not even her real initial. Everything was going great until over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend I got in a little to much of a rush and screwed up in more than couple of ways. I was wanting to get my post out since I had some time that weekend and to be honest was planning on making it my last post again. Or at least until something else happened that I felt was worth posting about. I always try and proof read my post before actually posting them to my blog mainly for any spelling corrections. And I admit sometimes things slip by and I have to go back after posting and fix something. That was the case this time as well but it wasn't really a spelling error at least in the sense of something being misspelled. In my haste to get the post up I accidentally used M's real name. Not throughout the entire post just in one sentence and one paragraph. I never caught it even when I proof read it because it just didn't jump out at me with me knowing her real name anyways. Actually one of my readers caught it and made a comment in the comment section about it. Thankfully he did and I would like to personally say thank you Dan for catching it. When I saw his comment I quickly went back in and edited the post and changed her name back to M. And I looked at the traffic numbers and saw that almost 300 people had read that post so far. It had been up for probably a little over three hours when I made the correction but being the holiday weekend I'm sure a lot of people were off work and had time to surf the web. So that was the first mistake I made.

My second mistake was obviously that I hadn't done a good enough job proof reading it before posting but also I didn't let M proof read it either before I put it out on the blog. We never really had any kind of agreement between us that I had to let her read a post prior to posting it. But to put her mind at ease up to that post I'd let her read them and as I said give her approval as a courtesy to her as well as not making her worry. As I said this time I didn't do that again because it was the holiday weekend and I knew she had family in from out of town so I didn't want to bother her. True I could have waited another day till her guest were gone and then sent it to her for her to read. But as I said I happened to have free time and in my haste I just posted it. I felt she'd been alright with every post prior to this one so it wasn't a big deal. Well the next day she called and said she'd seen that I'd put up the new post. She said she had figured I was probably close to putting another one up since it had been several days since my last one. I told her that yes I had put it up on the blog the day before and asked if she'd had time to read it yet. She told me she had and thought it was an enjoyable read even though she had lived it out for real last year. She then told me she'd read all the comments as well and wanted to know about the comment about her name. Well I wasn't going to lie to her, you know how I feel about lying and those same rules apply to me as well. So I told her that yes I did accidentally mess up and use her real name in one of the paragraphs. She asked me what happen to letting her proof read these post before putting them out publicly. I told her about not wanting to bother her because I knew she had out of town family in. I told her I was really, really sorry and that I took full responsibility for it. I told her that not very many people had read it before I went in and edited her name so really she shouldn't worry to much about it. She didn't sound mad or anything on the phone just disappointed that it had happened. I couldn't blame her remember it took me a year to even talk her into letting me post about these things because of her fear of someone finding out who she was. I told her again that was highly unlikely and again that not that many people had seen the new post yet. I promised I would make it up to her somehow and she told me we'd talk about it later as she had some things she needed to do that evening. I told her that was fine and we hung up.

So my third mistake was why didn't I just delete the comment about using her name and then no one would have been any the wiser. But honestly I don't like to delete comments unless they are distasteful or just plain rude. I mean maybe it's just me but when I've read other blogs and I see a comment that has been deleted by the administrator I always think to myself that it must have been a pretty bad comment to get deleted. Maybe that wasn't the reason but because of the way I do my comments and only delete things I feel are inappropriate I just automatically think that way. And the thing is when you delete a comment it says it's been deleted but still displays the persons name that commented. So since there wasn't anything bad about Dan's comment in fact like I said I'm glad he made me aware of my mistake. But bottom line is I wasn't going to delete it and still have Dan's name there and have everyone thinking that he'd said something inappropriate. I know Dan would never do that and so I didn't want anyone else thinking he had. So that was my reason for not removing the comment after making the correction to my post. It really wasn't a mistake as I just described and not removing it was intentional. But the mistake was I never really thought about M reading it and how finding out about it would effect her. But to my credit I was at least honest and forthcoming about it. In fact I'd have probably told her about it myself if I'd discovered it later just to be honest.

Alright now fast forward to the next day which was last Sunday and M called me that morning and asked what I was doing later that day. I told her I didn't have any plans really other than just starting to put up my Christmas decorations. She asked if I had time to come over to her place for lunch and also so we could talk about what had happened. I told her that sure that would be no problem and that by that afternoon I'd probably be ready for a break from decorating anyways. So we set it up for me to come over to her house around 1:00 that afternoon. Again she didn't come across on the phone as being mad or anything just concerned and wanting to discuss this issue. I figured she just needed me to reassure her that no one would find out about her.

So I got there to M's house right at 1:00 and she greeted me at the door with a big smile and told me she had lunch all ready so we could go ahead and sit down and eat. We had a nice lunch and just talked about the Thanksgiving holiday and family and stuff. It was just a nice relaxing time for both of us and gave us a chance to catch up since we last talked. When we were done I helped her clear the table and clean and put away the dirty dishes. Once that was done she suggested that we sit back down at the kitchen table so we could discuss the mistake I'd made on my latest post.

So we sat down and the first thing I did was apologize to her again and promised to make it up to her somehow. I told her I wished I could go back and undo what had happened but that was impossible. I said but I was thinking maybe about buying her dinner at a nice restaurant or even a gift certificate to a free spa treatment. So up to that point I was doing all the talking and she just sat back and listened to me. But it did seem like her demeanor had changed since we were eating. There were no more smiles on her face and she didn't seem mad but just more like she was being very serious at that point. It was like I was seeing a whole different side of M much like the one I saw the night she gave Bob a good strapping a year earlier. But I'm in no way thinking that.that is what she was planning to do to me. Again I just figured she needed to be reassured by me that her worrying about someone knowing her identity wasn't that likely. But after I told her about buying her dinner or a spa treatment I asked her what she thought. Her reply was in a very serious tone of voice (not a raised voice) just very serious and business like. She said  that it sounded nice but it really doesn't solve anything. She told me her main concern was that this even happened in the first place after I'd assured her time and time again this would never happen. I agreed with her and again said I was sorry and if I could take things back and change them I would but it's just not possible. She said she knew that but that her real concern is that it even happened in the first place. I tried to assure her that it was just an honest mistake on my part and again apologized and told her I take full responsibility for it happening. I told her I was willing to do anything to try and make it up to her and show her how truly sorry I was. She said well I don't doubt that your sorry as I can see your apologies are very sincere. She said so she knew I was truly sorry and that her main concern was making sure it didn't ever happen again. I promised her it wouldn't and she said well that's what I told her before it happened this time. I told her that was true but it was a mistake nothing I purposefully did. She said she believed me but it was going to take more than just my word this time for her to feel comfortable it wouldn't happen again. By this point I was feeling very intimidated by her much like a young lady being interrogated by her mother. And honestly I was starting to wonder if she was even remotely thinking about punishing me. But I pressed ahead and asked her what it would take for her to believe me that it won't happen again. I said because the last thing I wanted was to have this hanging over us and effecting our friendship.

She then dropped the bomb and said that she was thinking the best way to clear the air between us was for her to give me a good hard bare bottom spanking. When she said this my mind was reeling and of course my mind was flashing to Julie's latest post at "Strict Julie". So I'm definitely worried about being spanked but also wondering if M had read Julie's post and was getting ideas. Well apparently she could sense my discomfort and asked what I was thinking. I told her I didn't know how to put it so I'd just come right out with it. I asked her if she was just talking about spanking or spanking plus other things because I wasn't comfortable with that. She told me not to worry she was not the least bit interested in me that way and was frankly a little hurt I'd even think that. I explained I only thought that because of Julie's latest post which she said she hadn't read. She told me the only blog she even bothers to look at these days is mine. She knew of Julie's blog because it was one of the ones she discovered while doing her research before her divorce. But that once she'd seen it was just her and her husband acting out scenes for fun she didn't bother keeping up with it. She said that she's seen me mention her in several post and assumed we were friends or at least communicated with each other from time to time. But it was not something she was into so she doesn't read her blog. I explained that yes me and Julie do email each other from time to time and that she helped me out a bunch when I first started spanking Bob. She said that is nice and that she was sure she was a very nice lady that gives her husband what he wants. I said she was but then she interrupted me and said we were getting off the matter at hand right now. She said so knowing that she wasn't interested in anything but clearing the air between us how did I feel about taking a spanking. I told her well certainly not excited about it but as I stated earlier I was willing to do whatever she wanted to make it up to her for my mistake. She said so your saying your willing to take a spanking then and if you do is it going to effect our friendship? I told her again I was willing to do whatever it takes to make her feel better about what happened and told her whatever she decided I would be fine with it and that it wouldn't effect our friendship. I told her I was just ready to put this all behind us so we could move forward as friends again. She said that she was glad to hear me say that and that she felt like a good spanking would really clear the air. She said it would make her feel better about the disappointment she was feeling and thought that I'd feel better about my guilt I was apparently feeling because of what I'd done. I told her that made perfect sense to me although I certainly wasn't looking forward to it. I then asked her when she wanted to do it and we could set up a time. I'm thinking in a day or two that way I could mentally prepare myself as much as possible. But she said well we're here now so no sense in delaying it, that we might as well get this over with so we could move on. That certainly isn't what I wanted to hear but was afraid that she'd say. She said that is unless I had someplace I needed to go. Well I'd already told her on the phone that morning that I had no plans that day other than decorating. So I told her no I didn't have anywhere to be so that  now was as good a time as any. And to be honest I'm thinking to myself is there really any good time to submit to a spanking? I no you guys and gals that are my readers would think so. But I'm not wired that way so my answer to my question would be a resounding NO !!

I then asked her where she wanted to do this at and she stood up and turned her chair around and said right here would be just fine. She then told me that since she really did feel like I was truly sorry about what happened that she had decided to just give me a good hand spanking. Well if there was any silver lining to this cloud that was certainly welcome news to me. I was thinking the paddle or her strap when she said a bare bottom spanking. She told me to stand up and pull down my jeans to my ankles but said I could leave my panties on. Again more welcome news thinking while there's not much protection there at least it's some. But her next statement quickly killed that thought as she said it was still going to be a bare bottom spanking as that's all she gives but that she didn't see the need in making us both uncomfortable by me exposing myself. She said that she'd work around my panties so that I could keep everything covered up except my bottom of course. Anyway I'm sure I was pretty red face at this point and know I was sweating and quite flushed but I did as she asked and pulled my jeans down to my ankles. She wasted no time in telling me to get up over her lap which I did instantly. The thing was though that she has one of those high pub style tables and so her chairs are high as well. So once I was positioned over her lap my feet were dangling in the air. So now I really felt like a naughty girl over mommies knee with my feet dangling in the air and no footing at all on the floor. She didn't plan on me having those feelings nor had she even thought about the aspect of my feet not touching the floor because I asked her about this after. Anyways once she had me where she wanted me she quickly grabbed my panties on both sides around my leg and pulled them into a wedgie into my crack. So basically it was like I was wearing a g-string panty. It wasn't a tight or uncomfortable wedgie just enough to get my panties out of the way and fully expose both my butt cheeks while leaving all my personal areas well covered.

Then within seconds of her adjusting my panties out of the way I felt about 5-6 hard swats land across my backside. I immediately howled from the onslaught to my backside and believe me any thoughts I had of this being a light hand spanking quickly diminished. There was no doubt that M was going to be true to her word about a hard bare bottom spanking. After she gave me those first few she stopped and asked me if I was really sorry for what I did and that I was going to make sure it never happens again. I told her that yes I was sorry and no it wouldn't ever happen again. Then all of the sudden whack, whack,whack another round of smacks and by this point I was starting to beg her to lighten up it hurt. She stopped and told me it was supposed to hurt that's what spankings are designed to do. She then asked me why I hadn't sent my post to her first and let her proof read it before posting it. I said that as I told her before I knew she had family in and didn't want to bother her. She said well I could have waited another day until her family left and then I wouldn't be in this position right now. I told her she was right and that I shouldn't have been in such a hurry to get it posted. I then said but we never really had an agreement that I had to let her look at it first. All of the sudden another volley of hard swats landed on my now very sore butt while she stated that was a very poor excuse for not letting her read it first. She stopped the smacks again and said that while we never had an agreement that the fact that I'd let her read every one up to that point it should have at least been a mutual understanding. I told her I agreed with her and that from here on out any post involving her I would wait until she could read it and give her approval. She then asked how many people do I think saw it before I changed it? I told her I have a counter that tells me how many times it's been viewed and it was just under 300 in fact 285 to be exact. Then another barrage of painful smacks while she pointed out that I'd said  that probably not that many people had seen it. I explained that every time someone reads it it counts and some people I'm sure read it more than one time. So really it was probably closer to 200 or less that saw it before the change. I said and that doesn't mean they all caught the fact I'd actually used her name. She said well we know at least one person caught it so there could have been others as well that just didn't say anything even upwards of 100 people. I told her I see her point but still felt like any chance of her being found out is a very, very remote possibility. She said well she hoped I was right because if anyone did we'd be back here again discussing things a little more seriously.

She said alright that was enough questions and she was satisfied that I was sorry and had answered all her questions truthfully. She said so no more questions let's just get this punishment over with and really drive home the point. I knew from when she spanked Bob how she did things and she basically has two parts to her punishments. The scolding and question phase followed by the real spanking of non stop smacks with no questions. She told me to give her my free hand and she pinned it behind my back. And then started a non stop flurry of hard smacks to both my cheeks as well as part of my upper thighs. I was pleading and begging and thank goodness she'd let me retain my panties because my legs were flying all over the place. Had my panties not have been covering my personal areas I would have exposed everything to her and wouldn't have even cared at that point. As all I could think of was the fire turning into a inferno on my poor butt. Then right when I was on the verge of just losing it all together and the waterworks really flowing uncontrollably she stopped. She helped me up and without even thinking about my rules with Bob I started trying to rub some of that sting out of my backside. She looked at me and asked if I'd learned my lesson and I said I had. She then commented that my eyes were not even watery so she didn't think I'd truly relieved my guilt. I told her that it hurt real bad and that my butt was on fire but she's right I do feel like she'd let me off sort of easy with a hand spanking even as much as it hurt.

She told me to wait right there and she left the kitchen and went down the hallway towards the bedrooms. When she came back she was holding a paddle in her hand. I told her that a paddling wasn't necessary as the hand spanking really hurt and that I promised I'd never make the mistake again. She said I know it hurt I could see that by your reactions but I still don't feel as though you've released your guilt. As much as I hated to admit it she was right I probably would have felt like she let me off to easy once the fire subsided in my backside. And she did have me right at that point of releasing those emotions when she stopped spanking me. She later told me she knew that and hated to stop but her hand was really starting to sting and it couldn't take anymore. But anyways she told me I would feel better if I just released those emotions and then we could truly move past this. I told her she was probably right as much as I hated to admit it. I asked what she wanted to do and she told me to pull my pants back down and bend over the chair. I did as she asked and she again pulled my panties back into a wedgie. She commented that my bottom was pretty red and this shouldn't take much. Then all of the sudden smack,smack,smack a rapid onslaught from that paddle alternating cheek to cheek. The tears came instantly in fact the floodgates really opened up. I couldn't even recover from one swat before the next one landed. I didn't know how many she gave me as there was no way I could even think of counting. But she later confirmed it was only 6 three to each cheek. She stopped once I started really crying and said that's what I'm looking for true remorse and told me to get all those feelings of guilt out. She held me for a minute and then wiped the tears out of my eyes and asked if I was alright. I told her I was and while that wasn't pleasant that she was right I did need to release my emotions. She said she was glad to hear that and then said so we're still friends right. And I told her most definitely we were and thanked her for clearing this up and being so understanding. She thanked me for being willing to give her an opportunity to clear the air between us as well. And then she said let's move past this now with a new understanding about future post that involved her. I told her that sounded great to me and told her let's at least do lunch sometime soon. Then she smiled that wonderful smile of hers that I hadn't seen in the last fifteen minutes or so and said that sounded like a plan. She called me later that night to see how I was feeling and I told her I was still fine. She asked if I told Bob what happened and I told her I did as we don't keep secrets from one another. She was concerned about what he thought and I told her he was fine and that if anyone understood about a spanking clearing things up he certainly did. She laughed and said well your right about that.

So that is the how and why of my spanking which I promised M that I'd write a post about as a little humiliation for extra punishment. And you can bet I emailed this to her first to let her check for any information that was inaccurate or any accidental use of her name before posting.


Friday, November 25, 2016

The Punishment from M

Hey Everyone,

I hope everyone had a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. So with the holiday behind us now I had time to write about what Bob got from M. 

Well as you know I left off in my last post that M had decided to punish Bob herself and wanted to do it that evening. So we put together a plan to meet for dinner and she was going to leave it up to me to inform Bob of his upcoming fate instead of her telling him at work. She did express one final concern that she hadn't thought about before. She told  me she does like to give her spankings bare bottom so she can monitor things but she felt that could make things awkward for all of us. I quickly resolved that issue by suggesting he be in a pair of thongs that way he'd be covered in front but yet his butt would be exposed. She said that worked for her as long as I was alright with it. I assured her I was but that Bob would be pretty embarrassed by it. She said well she feels humiliation goes along with being punished to which I agreed. She said just so long as it doesn't change the dynamics between them at work she wasn't worried about a little embarrassment on his part.

She also told me that he'd kind of blew up again at work that day with his temper and so that's why she felt tonight would be best. She said strike while the irons hot so to speak. She told me what happened and why he was mad and she said he had a right to be. But it's the way he handled his anger that upset her. I won't go into detail but he got angry and stormed into her office and slammed the door behind him and started really unloading on her about something that had happened. She told him he needed knock before coming in even if the door was open and that she didn't like his attitude. He didn't settle down right away and just kept going on and on about why he was upset. She said honestly at that point she wanted to just bend him over her desk and give it to him good. But since that's not possible at work she did the next best thing. She said she stood up grabbed his arm and led him to the corner of her office and told him to put his nose in the corner for a time out. She said that when she felt like he'd settled down enough to talk to her rationally they'd discuss this matter. She said so yes I do feel like I need to get through to him that I'm his boss and that she deserved that respect. She then giggled and said my how much has changed in just the last few weeks. She said just having that option of giving him corner time and a timeout because of what she now knows was awesome. She said he was acting childish so she just treated him like one and said she wished she could do that with all her employees. I laughed and agreed with her it was a wonderful thing to be able to treat Bob like a child if he chose to act like one. I told her she was going to find out later that night that she would have that same feeling after spanking him.

As I mentioned we decided to meet for dinner that evening and then M wanted to take care of this at her house as she said she would be more comfortable doing it there. I was fine with that as I didn't care where it happened just as long as it happened. I'd offered an implement to her but she said she had that strap that her parents had when she was growing up and thought it would be quite sufficient. I said alright I was fine with that whatever she was comfortable with.

So when Bob got home that day I told him to get into the shower because we were going to meet one of my friends for dinner. I went and laid out his clothes on the bed while he was in the shower including the thong panties. I then hollered at him let him know that his clothes were laid out. Well as soon as he went to get dressed he saw the panties and asked why he was wearing those. I told him to just get dressed and we'd discuss that later. He did but his curiosity was driving him nuts and he asked me again on the way to the restaurant. He wanted to know if M had called me that day about what happened at work. If he was having to wear panties for being disrespectful to her. I told him I didn't want to talk about it right then and that we'd discuss it later. For now just concentrate on driving and get us to the restaurant. 

We got there and walked in and the hostess asked us if it was just the two of us. I said no we're meeting a friend of mine and she asked if I was Dianne. I said yes and she said your friend is already here and led us to the table. As we approached M stood up and gave me a hug and then Bob and said it was great to see us again. Bob was looking like he'd seen a ghost. lol
We ordered our food and I explained to Bob why he was in thong panties and that after dinner he was going to get his punishment for what he'd put M through at work. He was pretty quiet through the whole dinner. After dinner she said her house was only about ten minutes away and we could just follow her there.

When we got to her house she gave us a quick tour of her home and I told her she had a lovely house. Eventually the last stop was a bedroom and I looked at the bed and there were two pillows stacked up on the middle of the bed with M's strap lying on top of them. It appeared to be a modified razor strop about 2 foot in length and about 5 to 6 inches wide and was attached to a wooden handle. It was very pliable and was made from soft rawhide. 

So there we all were standing in the bedroom and Bob's eyes were pretty much transfixed on that strap. M looked at him and said Bob why don''t you bring that strap to me. He did as he was asked and handed it to her and she informed him that this wasn't going to be a pleasant experience for him. But that she would make sure he learned a good lesson about respecting her as well as others.

She then told him I want you to take off everything from the waist down. She said that includes shoes and socks but you can leave on your panties. Well Bob sat down on the bed and removed his shoes and socks but then kind of stopped right there. M looked at him and said pants too Bob this is going to be a bare bottom strapping. He undid his belt and was just kind of fumbling with his pants button. She said what's the problem lets get them off we don't have all night. He said he was embarrassed because he was in panties and didn't want her laughing at him. She told him she was not in a laughing mood, in fact quite the opposite after his actions this morning and last week. She said as far as your embarrassment goes a little humiliation is a good thing when it comes to punishment. She told him it goes a long ways in helping teach him a lesson. She said but I'll be nice and turn around while you take your pants off.

So she turned her back and I told Bob to get his pants off now in fact he should have already had them off. I said in fact I think by you sitting there not doing as your told immediately when M tells you your still showing a certain amount of disrespect. I said hopefully after you get a good strapping from her that your attitude better change. And before I had even finished saying this he had his pants off and folded neatly.  As I was saying this M  gave me a little grin and a small nod. So I knew she picked up on what I said about disrespecting her and that she would make sure he got the point as well. Call it women's intuition or whatever you like but we communicated without saying a word. And Bob couldn't see her little smile because her back was turned to him.

She said are your pants off and he told her they were. So she turned around to face him and of course he's standing there with his hands covering his male parts and his head looking at the floor. She immediately told him to look at her to which he did and he was very red faced. She told him she wanted him to lie face down on the bed over the pillows with his butt stuck up in the air. She said I'm sure you've been in this position before so you should know how I want you. Poor Bob couldn't get over the pillows fast enough. And I'm sure that's because he could not only hide his face but also not feel so exposed on the front side. He was fully covered by the panties but was still very embarrassed. And there was no sign that I could see of any stage of an erection which tells me he was both nervous and embarrassed but more importantly not excited.

She then walked over to him and said " before we go through with this are you sure you'll be alright with me at work". Bob replied well we've gone this far we might as well finish it. All of the sudden that strap came down hard across his backside with a large cracking sound. Bob jumped and immediately reached back and started rubbing his butt. It was so unexpected  that I even jumped a little. I looked down at Bob and saw a nice wide pink line starting to appear across both cheeks. M then said that's not what I asked you so let's try this again and then repeated the question. He started mumbling into the pillow that he'd be fine. All of the sudden another crack across his butt and this time he let out a very audible yelp and again started rubbing furiously at his bottom. Now  you know how I feel about reaching back but this was M's punishment for him so I stayed quiet and was determined to let her handle it her way. She told him now get your head out of the pillow and look at me when you answer. She said I can't understand your mumbling into the pillow. I'm thinking to myself this gals a pro at this I'm going to have to ask her again if she's ever done this before.

She made her point as Bob did raise his head and look at her. He said he would be fine at work at least mentally. She said are you getting sarcastic with me? He said no he wasn't almost in a pleading tone. He said all I meant by that is that this hurts real bad and he was sure she wasn't done. She said well it's punishment it's supposed to hurt and your right I'm not anywhere near done I'm just getting started. She said now prepare yourself because here comes some more. She gave him about three more good hard swings of that strap in quick succession which made him wither around on the bed and partially turn away from her. I should say he turned his backside away from her so it didn't seem he was to concerned about her seeing the front side of his panties anymore. Funny how all that modesty seems to just disappear isn't it?

She told him to get back in position and to quit rubbing his bottom. She was really starting to break his will at this point and his stoic demeanor was quickly fading. She then said so tell me Bob am I doing a good enough job to satisfy your curiosity of what it would be like to be spanked by me. This was the first moment he realized I'd told her about his little fantasy a few weeks ago. He replied you know about that very red faced and embarrassed. She told him she did and now she wanted him to answer the question. He said she was and that he was no longer curious about being spanked by her. She said I bet a couple of weeks ago when you were fantasizing about me spanking you, you never dreamed you'd be in this position just a couple of weeks later did you? He said no ma'am I didn't and this is nothing like my fantasy this really hurts. She said well you called me ma'am so we are getting somewhere with this. She told him he did seem to be realizing what being respectful is now. She told him it's just a shame we had to get to the point of doing this to make you understand. And then another couple of swings landed on his butt and by now he was really letting out the ouch's and Oh's. And again he started rubbing furiously at his bottom. She said I'm not going to warn you again about keeping your hands away from your bottom. She said if they get in the way I will strap them as well.

She said alright now I now feel like we've dealt with the fantasy issue and have touched on being respectful. She said so now it's time for your real punishment to start. He looked at her and said what do you mean for it to start aren't we about done. She said sorry but that was just to make sure you understood what my concerns are and to make sure your going to work on resolving those issues. He promised he would and then asked what she was planning on doing now. She told him well now I'm going to punish you by giving you a proper strapping. She said so far we've just been discussing what you need to work on but now the talking is over and now I'm going to give you the punishment you deserve.

He started begging and pleading with her not to give him to many more because he was really sorry. She said I'm sure you are but you still need to be punished for your actions at work. She said do you realize if this didn't come about to where I could deal with you in this manner how much trouble you'd be in at work. He said yes I guess so and I appreciate everything you did for me. She said well let me spell it out for you since you probably don't know how serious things were before I smoothed them over with my boss. She said he wanted you written up for being insubordinate which would have been a first step advisory. So you got off real easy with just apologizing. She then said and then the way you stormed into my office today and spoke to me like you did that's simply not acceptable in my book. And if I didn't value you so much as my employee and I went by the book I could have written you up again this morning. Which that would have been step 2. That's one step away from being fired  you realize that right. He teared up a little and said he didn't really even think about that but she was right. She said so having to give an apology and then this morning doing a little corner time believe me when I say you got off easy. He told her she was right and that he was so sorry and he said it very, very sincerely and yes a single tear rolled down his cheek. I leaned in close to M. and whispered "don't let the tears get to you. Go ahead and do what you were going to do". She looked back at me and mouthed or lip synced "are you sure". I nodded my head yes. I explained to her privately afterwards why I said that. I simply stated that she'd broken through to him as was obvious by the tears. But now that she'd got him to that point she needed to make sure she really drove the point home. And that way he'd really think twice before disrespecting her again.

So thankfully M  trusted my judgement and told Bob to get ready because now he was going to get his real punishment strapping. She suggested he might want to put his hands underneath himself and try and keep them there. She then started swinging that strap down one right after the other. No more talking or stopping to ask him a question just pure old hard strapping. And the hands came back and as she'd promised she just kept going so they got strapped as well till he moved them. In fact she gave him a couple of straps to his upper thighs which made him quickly move his hands there and away from his butt. And when she did that his poor hands were going from thighs to his butt and back and forth but yes they got struck a few times. She gave him I would guess around 25 to 30 and then he finally rolled away from her again. She stopped grabbed his arm and told him to get back over the pillows and in position. His face was tear streaked at this point. She said get over the pillows I'm not going to ask you again and gave his arm a pull. She said I'm going to give you 5 more good swats just so I know you've learned your lesson. She said so try and stay in position and then it will be all over. He climbed back over the pillows and braced himself and she delivered the first one. His hands were clutching at the bedspread but he managed to stay put. The same thing went for number 2,3 and 4 although he did get more wriggly on the bed with each one but managed to pretty much stay on the pillows. Then after number five he rolled to the side and reached back clutching and rubbing his bottom. He looked at her and said that was five right. She said that's right it's over and I hope you learned your lesson. He assured her he did and she said well that's good to hear. She looked at me and asked if she could give him a hug to which I said of course you can.

So she sat down on the bed and told him to sit up on the edge of the bed with her. He did as she asked and she put her arm around him and gave him a hug and then wiped a teardrop away from each eye. She asked him if he was alright and he told her he was and that he was very sorry. She said I know you are and that she's forgiven him as well. She said you know I think the world of you at work and that's why I really stuck up for you with my boss. He told her he understood that and he really appreciated not only what she did but also appreciates having her as a supervisor. He said but the bottom line is he should have never put her in that position. She said well I appreciate you saying that it makes me feel like what happened here tonight finally got through to you. She said I thought I'd gotten through to you before when I talked to you and made you apologize to my boss. But then when you came storming into my office this morning I'm thinking you still don't get it. I felt like I had put myself out on a limb for you and instead of learning from it you just blew it off. And that it was only going to be a matter of time before your temper got you in trouble again. So at that time I knew it was time to take a different approach with you and so here we are. She said but bottom line if I hadn't found out about you and Dianne I would have put you on second step after this morning. He said I understand and I need to control my frustrations better. She said yes you do and so we'll work on that alright. She said if your getting frustrated or feel you might get into a situation that might get you frustrated. Then stop before you get completely wound up like you were this morning and come see me first. She asked him can he agree to do that and he told her he could. She gave him another hug and said I think everything will be fine then.

So everything was well again at that point. M joked with Bob you know in a way this is better for her anyways. Bob said how's that? She said well a letter only stays in your personal file for two years and then it's pulled. At that point it can't be held against you anymore. But with you now that I know how to handle your bad behavior in the future yours is filed in the lifetime file in my head. Bob said I see your point M but I think I'll do my best to have this be the only mark in that file. He said you teach a serious lesson and it was nothing like my fantasy. She laughed and told him she's glad she measured up.

So that was how the strapping ended and I was happy that M had decided to deal with it herself. She has told me several times since that it has improved their working relationship just as I'd said it would. And the big benefit for me is now I have someone at his job that keeps him on his toes as well.

There was one other time that she's paddled him since this incident happened but I'm not going to write about that one. It happened several weeks after this took place and was just more of a simple reminder to put him back in his place and remind him there were consequences with her now as well. I hope everyone enjoyed these post and like before I still don't plan to get back into blogging full time again and really Bob's punishments are few and far between now. But I do promise if I feel like something is worth blogging about I will post it.