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Thursday, December 18, 2014

An Admission and Some Clarification

Hey Everyone,

Wow three post in one week I feel like I'm back to full time blogging again. LOL
But the main reason for this post is as the title says I feel I made some mistakes and there are some things I need to clarify about my last post. Now first let me be perfectly clear I'm not second guessing what I did and still feel very strongly about what Bob did was completely wrong. And yes I still feel like he deserved to be punished for his actions. So in that sense I have no regrets!! I have gotten some emails where people didn't agree with me and that's there right. But bottom line this is our life and I'm going to handle things the way I see fit. And while I don't feel like I have to defend my actions to anyone other than Bob or whoever else was involved. I do want to maybe try and clear some things up for someone who may just not understand why I did what I did. And if they still disagree then that's just to bad as I said I stand by my actions because it's our life's not theirs.

So with that said I would like to explain what my thinking was on that fateful Monday afternoon and why I did what I did at the time. When I came home and discovered Bob doing what he was doing I felt it was very wrong and still do. Him pleasuring himself while it doesn't happen often and really shouldn't happen at all because I've given him options which I feel are more than fair. But him doing this I felt was not only disrespectful to me as his wife but more importantly very disrespectful to my sister Amy. Now yes I know a lot of you out there that get turned on by spanking or the mere mention of it would disagree with me about this. And Bob is the same way and I know how his mind works when it comes to spanking. So for me to get mad over him getting excited over what he was hearing coming out of Amy's room would not make sense if you just took that at face value. Again like I said I know how he thinks. What I felt was disrespectful and once I explained this to him he understood as well was the fact that he was deriving pleasure from someone else's misfortune. And I don't care how you want to slice it in my opinion that is just dead wrong. And as he realizes now I won't stand for it and if it ever happens again I will make sure he's punished for it again.

It's one thing to watch a video online or read a story about a total stranger getting into trouble and getting turned on by that.These videos are paid actors doing what they enjoy so you can derive pleasure from it if that's what you like. As I said before I can't fully understand that being vanilla I guess is the proper word. But being married to Bob and having several discussions with him I do at least have an understanding how his mind works as well as several of you out there as well. But in this case as I said this was my sister who was getting into real trouble and certainly wasn't enjoying her situation. Now it's not about whether she deserved what she got or not. In fact she knows she deserved it. But that doesn't make it any more desirable for her. She was simply taking the consequences for her actions but in no way was she getting any pleasure from it. So for Bob to paint this fantasy picture in his mind so he could derive pleasure from her pain as I said is wrong and I won't allow it. There's a big difference between fantasy and real life. And for Amy her spanking was very real and not at all pleasurable whether or not it was deserved. So now that is why I felt he needed punished for his actions and as I said I still stand by my decision and would make the same one again given the same circumstances.

Where I did make a mistake was involving mom in his punishment without her really having a full understanding of how his mind thinks. I should have took the time to explain some things to her before I turned her loose on him. As I said in my post she did have some understanding of him asking me to punish him and felt like it was something he needed. She even knew just a little about how he found spanking growing up fascinating and it peaked his curiosity. What she didn't realize was how it effected him sexually and how he gets really turned on by these thoughts. Again my fault for not being clear about this to her. So in her mind him doing this was just some kinky perverted thing to be doing and she scolded and spanked him for that accordingly. And because of that it did have an adverse effect on Bob which I'll get into in a minute. But first let me give you my thoughts on why I felt like I should involve mom.

When I caught him doing what he was doing as I said it was upsetting to me for the reasons I've stated above. And my thinking at the time was the best way to teach him that fantasizing about Amy's demise was wrong was to give him a dose of reality. By his own admission he was fantasizing about being in Amy's place and as I said deriving pleasure from her pain. This is a perfect example of the difference between reality and fantasy. So as I said I explained to him what I found so wrong about him doing this and he could see my point once I put it in perspective for him. And I felt the best way to make my point perfectly clear was to give him exactly what he'd been fantasizing about and let him actually take Amy's place. Hence the reason I decided to involve mom. I don't regret doing this but as I said I should have taken some time to make sure mom understood how he thinks before I just took her in there to spank him. As they say hindsight is 20/20. So my mistake was not the fact that I had mom spank him but was in the fact I didn't properly set things up like I should have. And so I'm admitting that mistake here publicly and have also made amends with Bob and my mother which I'll get into later.

First I want to talk about the adverse effects this had on Bob. Now he says mom didn't belittle him in anyway in his post but she did give him a good scolding. I'm sure he put it that way in his post so mom didn't sound like a mean person which she isn't. But also he wrote that after him and mom and I had a chance to have a long discussion which again I'll talk about in a minute. But to get back to the point here once all was said and done and the spanking was over and mom had gone home I could tell as I'm sure Amy could sense as well that something was just not quite right with him. He seemed like he was in deep thought and maybe even a little depressed about what had happened. He just wasn't being his normal happy and talkative self. Sure he'd got into trouble and got spanked but that's happened before several times. And while he may always regret getting in trouble and spanked usually after it's over it doesn't take him long to be back to his normal self. As I've said before he paid for his mistake and he knows it and all's forgiven so we move on. But that wasn't the case with him this time. So later that night once we were back in the privacy of our bedroom I asked him to open up to me and tell me what was bothering him. I've said it a hundred times before communication is a must. Well he explained to me he understood why he got spanked and could kind of see why I had mom do it but because of that he felt like his relationship with her could never be the same. He wasn't really even looking forward to seeing her again. Well as you can imagine I was crushed by this statement and in no way ever intended for that to happen I just wanted him to learn a lesson about his actions. I asked why he felt that way and he begin to explain about mom scolding him and in so many words calling him a pervert. He even said maybe he was for having these kind of thoughts so his self esteem was very low at that point. I assured him that I loved him and that mom loved him and that in no way did anyone think he was  perverted. I said sure you have these desires but so do a lot of others. I said that doesn't make you strange or weird it's just the way you are and nothing to be ashamed of. I said we all have certain things about us that others may find strange but that doesn't make us strange we just are who we are. I promised him we were going to get this whole situation sorted out and that I would personally see to that. I told him everything would be fine and not to worry about it and to get some sleep. So he did but I must admit I did have a few tears as I went to sleep that night knowing I had caused him to feel that way. That was never my intention and I was going to straighten it out. So the first thing next morning after Bob had left for work I called mom and explained what was going on. I said it was my fault and that I should have been more informative with her before having her spank Bob. I took the time that morning to explain in detail all of Bob's quirks and thoughts and why he has them. She said she had no idea but could certainly understand why he has these thoughts. And she said I never once thought of him as weird or perverted and certainly didn't mean to imply to him that I did when I scolded him. But she said knowing the whole picture now she could certainly see where he got that impression. So I set up our meeting that night between the three of us and we had a long discussion and everyone laid their feelings out in the open and misconceptions were straightened out and everything is back to normal again like Bob mentioned in his post.

Finally there was that discussion Bob mentioned that Amy wanted to have and we did have that discussion last night. It wasn't a big deal and Bob was really worried he was in trouble again with Amy although he did admit if so he felt he deserved it. Once Amy got home last night which was her late night so it wasn't till around 8. As soon as she walked in the door Bob went up and gave her a big hug and told her he was so sorry for what he'd done while she was getting spanked. And he told her if she wanted to cane him or whatever he knows he deserves it. Strong feelings of guilt suggesting the cane as much as he hates it.

But Amy in her usual jovial self gave him a kiss on the cheek and said she appreciates him owning up to his mistake but let's not just jump into caning your backside just yet. She said I just really have a few things I want to talk about and get cleared up and I've talked to Dianne about them as well and she wants to know as well. So before I jump right in and punish you when you may not need it lets all sit down and talk. So we did and Amy got right to the point. She said the thing I want to know is what were you thinking about as far as me when you were in there masturbating while I was being spanked. He told her he was just thinking about the spanking and him being in her place. She said well knowing how you are when it comes to spanking I can certainly understand that. But what I want to make sure of and I want you to be completely honest with me is were you in anyway thinking of me or my body in a sexual way other than just getting spanked. He asked if she meant like having some kind of a sexual encounter with her? She said that's exactly what I mean and again I want you to be honest. He assured her it was just the spanking that turned him on and those were his only thoughts were of her being spanked and that was the honest truth. Well as I said before Bob's not a very good lie'r and I can always tell when he is and Amy can now as well knowing what to look for. And I'm happy to say he was telling the truth about this. He did go on to say after that I guess because his self esteem had just been temporarily hurt a couple of days before. And he told her it's not that he didn't think she was attractive in fact he thinks both Amy and me are very attractive. It's just he would never think of her like that because she is like a sister to him and he loves me and that would be very disrespectful to me as his wife.

Amy said well alright then with that question answered I don't see any need for further discussion I think it's time to put this whole thing behind us. Bob said so your not mad at me for what I did during your spanking obviously this was his main concern. She again gave him a hug and said what you did was wrong although I can understand why you did it. But I think you've come to realize your error in this matter and you have already been dealt with on it so no I'm not holding it against you. She said I don't see where punishing you more than what you've already gotten is going to gain anyone anything. She said it happened and it's been dealt with and it's in the past and another spanking is not going to change that. She said the main thing is you learned from it and hopefully there won't be a next time for both our sake's. She then grabbed her bottom and giggled at that remark. He gave her a hug again and told her thank you for forgiving him. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and told him he was a great guy and awesome brother-in-law. Then she jokingly said if Dianne didn't already have claims on you I'd be scooping you up.

So everything turned out alright even though mistakes were made. I have a great sister and a great mom but I especially have a wonderfully great husband. And I'm glad things worked out so well with everyone and I know by dealing with things immediately and communicating with each other is why things turned out so well.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spanked By My Mother-In-Law


I guess I'm supposed to write a post about how I felt Monday when I did something I shouldn't have done. And those actions ended up having real consequences for me which I guess they should have. No I wasn't thrilled I got caught and actually regret getting caught and eventually spanked very hard I might add by my mother-in-law. I'm not saying I didn't deserve it and I can see Dianne's point about Amy being her sister and not some random video. She reminded me of how thoughts like these over several years eventually had me cheating on her in a sense by going and seeing my high school friend Dee. But even after that encounter I felt bad knowing I'd done this behind Dianne's back. And the spanking Dee gave me that day was nothing like the fantasy and was anything but enjoyable. Well you all know how that turned out so there's no need to rehash that. And you also know that is when I gave up control to Dianne as far as my discipline goes. We did talk it out and came to an agreement that if she felt like I needed disciplined then she would deliver it but they were going to be real spankings and not for pleasure. And believe me while this still sounded exciting at first to finally get what I felt like I always needed. I've come to find out over time that the reality is that spankings or other forms of punishment is nothing like I fantasize about and they do hurt and are embarrassing. It did take a few months to finally come to this conclusion I guess you could say I was hard headed or I like to think the reality finally got stronger than the fantasy in my mind. So these days I know what will get me spanked and so I do my best to avoid them. Dianne gives me fun spankings when I ask for them so that satisfies my fantasy thoughts and so really I have the best of both worlds. The main difference is that I ask for these and I'm in control of how hard and how long the spankings last. And they usually lead to sex as well so they are very enjoyable. But when she decides I need a spanking it actually strikes fear in me of what's about to happen. These I have no say so in and they are as hard or as long as she feels I need to learn my lesson.

With all that said it's obvious I'm never going to stop having fantasies about spanking because they are still there rooted  in my subconscious mind. And Dianne knows this as well and allows me outlets for this and all she ask is that I keep it to myself. That's more than fair in my opinion and all the more reason I shouldn't have done what I did Monday. Sure when I came home and heard that familiar sound coming out of Amy's room I got turned on. And I'm sure if it ever happened again the same exciting thoughts would happen. It's just the way I'm wired for who knows why but those of you with a spanking fetish can certainly understand. And now that Dianne is fulfilling those needs or desires I have kind of a love/hate relationship with those feelings for reasons I described above about fantasy and reality being total opposites. And also like in this case how those thoughts can get me into real trouble like they did this time. Basically I knew better but as a guy to quote an old adage I let the wrong head do the thinking this time.

Now as far as what Dianne did about it all I can say is her actions definitely made there point. I wanted to just curl up and hide somewhere hoping it would go away. But I knew that wasn't going to happen so I decided I just needed to take what I had coming. I was extremely embarrassed about her telling her mom that she'd caught me masturbating and her doing that was punishment in itself. Try and put yourself in my shoes for a second and just imagine that happening to you to where your wife informs your mother-in-law of something like that. Believe me when she came in the room and started scolding me I felt like a naughty little boy who'd been caught by his mother. I certainly didn't feel very manly at that point along with the embarrassment of having to stand in front of her completely naked it was almost to much. I was probably as red with embarrassment as a person can get. Although it didn't seem to bother her in the least and she just kept to the business at hand. She was very stern with me and I'm sure the only thoughts she was having was she had a young man here that needed to learn a lesson. She never belittled me at all she  just gave me a very good chastising I guess like only a mom can do. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed about what I had done and also my state of undress that I was actually ready for the spanking to start so I could get over her lap and not have to stand there trying to cover up. And her making me keep eye contact with her while she scolded me was almost to much.

Well it did finally get to that point to where she ordered me over her lap and as I said I almost felt relieved. Of course that relief was mixed with fear of what was coming and judging from the scolding I'd just received I had the feeling I was in for one heck of a paddling. She quickly reaffirmed that thought by telling me the last spanking I got from her was nothing compared to what I was about to get. Not her exact words but I'm sure you get the point, I know I did. Now I'd like to say something here about being spanked by my mother-in-law. And that is with her there is no fantasy thoughts in my mind. Not that I don't like her but there is no sexual attraction so at this point I'm sure I'm feeling like Amy did less than half an hour earlier. I thought back to the last time she spanked me at her house and remembered how painful it was and not the least bit exciting to me. It was just very embarrassing and painful. And besides what sexual tension I did have earlier Dianne had made sure that was released before she brought her mom in. And anyone who has ever been spanked after ejaculating knows how much worse it hurts.

Well once I was over her lap and situated to her satisfaction she asked if I fully understood why I was about to get this spanking. I told her yes ma'am I did but in my mind I was thinking what a dumb question. I mean after the chastising I just got from her was there really any doubt. Of course like I said these were just thoughts and nothing I dared say out loud. She then told me I might as well get  comfortable because we were going to be here awhile. I'm sure she said this to bring up my fear factor which it did but again I'm thinking about how uncomfortable I'm about to really become so again thinking this was a dumb statement. All I can say is oh my gosh did it hurt like hell from the very first smack. It was much worse than I remember from the last time she spanked me. I don't know what it was whether it was the fact I'd just cum or that she was really laying into me hard this time. All I know is I didn't think I was going to be able to take this and within about 10 to 15 seconds I was screaming out and begging her to please stop. I guess now that I think about it I was doing exactly what Amy had been doing during her spanking. And just like she was with Amy she paid no attention to my pleas or discomfort. All I got from her was more scolding. I remember at the point where I was on the verge of tears really flowing begging her to stop. I told her it hurt to bad and I couldn't take anymore. She simply replied your being punished young man and it's supposed to hurt and you will take it till I decide you've had enough. She said she was going to beat those dirty thoughts out of my mind if it took her all day. And so it continued and I finally got to the point the modesty was no longer a factor and my legs were kicking wildly and tears were flowing and I'm sure I was showing my mother-in-law everything if you know what I mean.

At some point realizing it wasn't going to stop anytime soon my natural reaction was to try and cover up or turn away from the onslaught on my backside. I know it's a big no no especially with Dianne but I finally put my hand back there trying to protect my bottom. She knocked it out of the way and started paddling my thighs. She seemed like she was just swinging that paddle wildly and with my legs kicking about she was hitting the backs of my thighs as well as the inside of them. She said as long as you wiggle about and try and cover up I'm going to keep working on your legs. I said I'd try and stay still it's just that it hurt to bad. Again I was told it was supposed to hurt that is how lessons were learned. She eventually moved back up to my bottom but the pain was so intense I just couldn't hold still very well. She finally stopped which is probably the first break in the action Dianne and Amy heard. I was thinking she was finally done but she said you can't seem to stay still so we're going to have to do something different. She told me to stand up which I did still hoping it was over. But instead she just spread her legs apart and told me to lay over the one and then pinned me in a scissor hold with the other. She said now you'll stay still. She quickly resumed the paddling but she had a death grip on my arm and had my legs pinned between hers so there was no escape and she really laid into me again for several more minutes. By the time she finished I had no strength left to fight and disgracefully I'll admit I was a blubbering mess and my legs and bottom felt like they were on fire.

She let me up and asked if I'd learned my lesson and I swore up and down I had. She said well this is such a nasty thing you did I want to make sure you don't forget it. I swore to her I wouldn't and that I'd really learned my lesson. As she continued to scold me I just stood there not even worrying about trying to cover myself up anymore I was just pleading my case that I'd learned my lesson. I just so much wanted it to be over with and was really hoping it was. But she said well I believe that your really sorry now but I want to make sure to make my point. I tried to assure her she really had and I was tearfully begging her to believe me. But she asked me to get her a belt or if Dianne had some kind of a belt she used on me. I wasn't about to lie at this point so I blurted out she had a leather strap adding that I had really learned my lesson and didn't think I needed the strap. She ignored my pleas and told me to get it for her. I did as instructed and without saying a word she grabbed two pillows and stacked them in the middle of the bed. She then instructed me to get myself over the pillows butt in the air. I didn't want to but knew better than to argue so I did as she asked.

Once I was in position she informed me that she was going to really drive her point home now. She said for me to stay in position and don't wiggle around. I told her yes ma'am and then she brought down the first stroke. I screamed out in anguish as my bottom was already so sore and it felt like she'd just poured gas on the fire making the heat so much more intense. I tried telling her I couldn't take it but she told me to just lie still and that I would take it. Then number two came and the pain got even worse. This was followed by three and four and I finally broke and rolled away from her clutching my burning backside. She quickly barked at me to get back in position which I did but could physically feel my whole body shaking. She brought down a couple of quick strokes to my legs and I screamed loudly again but somehow managed to halfway stay in position. She informed me that every time I turn away that I'm going to get it on my thighs. So I did my best to stay in position and I won't say I held perfectly still but I never rolled completely away again either and was very quick to get back in position. She ended up giving me ten strokes twelve if you count the two to my thighs. She then laid the strap down and set down on the bed next to me and gathered me into her arms. She rubbed my back and said she was sorry she had to do that but I needed to learn a lesson. She continued to hold me and comfort me for awhile until I had  settled down.

 She then helped me off the bed and handed me the strap and told me to put it away. I did and then she led me to the corner and put my nose in it like I was when she'd first come in the room. She told me to stay there and that she'd let Dianne know we were done and she would leave it up to Dianne as to when I could come out of the corner. She then said I hope this taught you a lesson and I swore to her it did. She said if not she has no problem coming over everyday and giving me another spanking till it does sink in. The thought of that is just pure terror and I assured her that wouldn't be necessary and that I'd really learned my lesson. She said she hopes so and gave my bottom a couple of light pats and told me I would be feeling this one for awhile and then she left the room closing the door behind her.

I don't know how long I stood there but I know it was several minutes. And I wasn't about to move for fear of being caught. Finally Dianne and Amy came in as she wrote about in her post and Dianne informed me to continue to stay there and think about what I'd done to get myself in this situation. She told me she would come get me in time to get cleaned up and take a shower before dinner. And she was right about me asking if her mom was still there I felt it would be to embarrassing to have to face her during dinner. I was relieved when Dianne informed me she'd left.

So that was it and sorry it was so long but Dianne said she wanted to to give all the details to you guys. And on another note my mother-in-law did come back yesterday and her and Dianne and I had a long talk about what happened. She wanted to better understand why I would be doing that in the first place. I tried to explain it the best I could about my desires or fantasies about spanking and how they'd come about. She said well it sounds like it's more of something I related to sexually when I was younger and my hormones were just starting to go wild. I agreed with her but quickly said that still didn't excuse what I did. She said no it doesn't but I think you learned your lesson about that and it's lessons like that and the ones Dianne continues to give you that will eventually suppress those thoughts. Dianne assured her that was already becoming the case. I'm glad she came over and discussed this with me and now things are back to normal between us. I was so embarrassed after the spanking she gave me I didn't think things could be normal between us again. But I was wrong and she doesn't think of me as some kind of a pervert. The lady was fair and took time to understand why I did what I did. She gave me a big hug as she was leaving and told me she still loves me just the same and doesn't think any less of me. She said I can understand why you have this need for spanking since you didn't get it growing up. And that she can see how the thoughts became fantasies over the years. She said but I think your on the right path and that she's always willing to help if needed. She then looked at Dianne and said as you and Amy have found out that goes for you two as well. I'm still your mother and will never think your to old to be taught a lesson if needed. Dianne smiled and said yes mom I understand and then her mom left.

Finally I was informed by Amy this morning that I have one more talk to go. She said her and Dianne have spoken about it and they feel like they want to know what kind of thoughts I was having about Amy while I was masturbating. She said she feels like her mom taught me a good lesson but she still wants to hear from me what I was thinking about. I'm not going to write about those thoughts here because we haven't had the talk yet and also because I feel that is something that needs to stay between the three of us. But I will say that whatever becomes of it I'll be glad to get it out of the way and put this whole episode behind me.


Monday, December 15, 2014

A Double Dose of Mom

Hey Everyone,

I'm not going to say anything about this being a final post like my two previous ones. I guess I never should have said I was done blogging because as I said in my previous post I guess I will still post if I think something is worthy of posting. When I said I was done posting I felt like I had shared what knowledge I have on a FLR and had therefore accomplished what I had set out to do. But since then I have come to realize that while I'm still not going to write about every little punishment like I was doing before I think ones that have a real lesson behind them like this one should be written about. That and the fact I would like to hear some feedback from some of the other submissive men out there on this issue besides just Bob's explanation. As well as from some wives or girlfriends that have a similar relationship as ours and how they would have handled this. So with that said let me get to what happened.

It seems Amy and mom spent the day together Monday and did some shopping and stuff. I'm not going to go into the whole story about Amy and mom and really haven't had a chance to hear the whole story from Amy yet. Amy did tell me she probably deserved what she got but still couldn't believe it actually happened. After my run in with mom I know exactly how she feels.

What I do know is at some point during the day things kinda went a little sour between them and Amy ended up calling mom a Bitch. Well according to Amy it was more of her telling mom to quit being so bitchy with her which to mom translated into Amy calling her a bitch. Well to make a long story short when they got back to the house mom was not very happy and proceeded to tell Amy she needed to be taught a lesson for speaking to her the way she did. Amy said she was sorry but she just let her temper get the best of her. Mom said she didn't raise her to talk that way to anyone much less her own mother and she felt she needed a good bare bottom paddling to remind her how to be a proper lady. At first Amy said that's not going to happen and that she's to old to be spanked. Mom reminded her that she sure didn't act very old today with her mouth and in fact she was being very childish. Amy again said she was sorry and she'd try not to let it happen again. Mom told her she couldn't accept her apology until she felt like she had learned a proper lesson and was truly sorry for saying it. She said it's your choice Amy you can take the spanking you deserve or I can just go and not accept your apology because your not willing to accept any consequences for your actions. The more Amy thought about it she knew mom was right and when she was growing up this wouldn't even be a choice. She said she felt like she did deserve it but she just really hated to think about getting a spanking. But the right thing finally won out and Amy told mom she was right and that she would take a spanking for speaking to her the way she did although she did say it is embarrassing to get spanked at her age. Mom said it's embarrassing and painful to get spanked at any age but it does re-enforce the lesson being taught, And after all she was still her mother and Amy would always be her daughter. So even though she's an adult now she could obviously still be taught a lesson by her mother.

Again I'm not going to go into the spanking in detail because I wasn't even home when it happened. I worked late and had to do some errands after work. But Bob did get home from work and wondered where everyone was at. He started back to our bedroom and heard Amy and mom talking in Amy's room and could tell the conversation was serious and that Amy was sounding like she was in trouble. He listened quietly outside the door for a few minutes and said he got very excited sexually thinking about Amy getting ready to get a spanking. So he went on back to our room very quietly and shut and locked the bedroom door. He got himself undressed which is not unusual because he always does this and takes a shower once he's home. But obviously he felt this time he needed to take care of his sexual excitement first. So again I didn't see the start of this because I wasn't home yet but a few minutes later I did get home and walked in and could hear the spanking coming from Amy's room. At first I thought it was Amy spanking Bob but then hearing the pleas I realized it was Amy on the receiving end. I walked back towards the room and could clearly hear Amy pleading and mom chastising her. I was very quite because I didn't want any trouble and also I didn't want to embarrass Amy by her knowing I was home and hearing this.

So I quietly continued on towards our bedroom but when I tried to turn the nob it was locked. I heard some quick shuffling in the room and then Bob's voice ask who was there. I said it's me open up he said just a second and I could hear him moving around and then he finally opened the door. I walked in closed the door behind me and he had guilty written all over his face. I asked what he was doing and why was the door locked. He said he was just getting ready to take a shower and was getting undressed. But what he couldn't hide was his big erection tenting out the front of his underwear. I said I think your up to something else pointing down to his erection. He said he was just excited he guessed. So finally I didn't really feel like playing twenty questions so I just came out and asked were you lying in bed masturbating. He sheepishly told me he was. I said well if your that horny you should have said something to me and I could have helped you take care of that. I said but I think the reason your in here doing this is because of whats happening down the hall in Amy's room. I asked if that just about summed it up? He didn't really want to answer but finally he said well you know how spanking turns me on. I said yes but just to be clear your saying that the fact that mom is giving Amy a spanking got you all excited. I said is it like you were sitting here jerking off imagining yourself in Amy's place? Now I'll admit I still really don't get that being someone who has no desire to be spanked. But as his wife and now taking on the role of disciplinarian as well I do know how his mind works. So this is one thing I would like to hear from some of you submissive's out there is hearing someone else getting spanked a huge turn on for you?

Well he ho hummed around a little bit before answering but finally admitted that he was fantasizing about being in Amy's place. I said well alright honey lay on back down and let me help you with this excitement. He looked unsure what I was planning but when I didn't go to get any of my implements and just started rubbing him to a climax he seemed to relax. I talked to him dirty or at least to him it's like dirty talk. I just said things like your such a naughty boy listen to that spanking going on down the hall. Just think that could be you in there for being such a naughty little boy. Well between the rubbing and the talking it didn't take long and he erupted. I told him to stay put and I went into the bathroom and got a washcloth to clean him up. I came back and cleaned him all up and about this time I could hear the spanking had ended in Amy's room and could hear mom reassuring her she loved her and all was forgiven. Bob looked at me and said thank you honey and that he loved me. I said your welcome I was glad to help and that I needed to get him limp again because I didn't want mom seeing him all hard like that. I said not only would that be embarrassing to you but her as well.

Well that look of contentment quickly disappeared and was replaced by one of serious concern. He said what do you mean? So I proceeded to tell him that while I understand why he was in here masturbating that I really don't approve of him having these sexual thoughts about my poor sisters demise. I said so there's no sense in you just fantasizing about it when I can make it become a reality for you. I said I want you to go stand in the corner nose to the wall just as you are right now and don't put any clothes back on. I said when mom is through dealing with Amy I'm going to tell her what you did and then ask her to come deal with you. He begged me not to say anything and that he was really sorry but I told him I wasn't having any of that and for him to get into the corner right now and wait or he'd be getting it from me as well. He did obey me but the embarrassment was already setting in judging by the redness in his cheeks.

I left the room with him standing in the corner in his birthday suit and went to the kitchen to start unpacking some groceries for dinner. Within a few minutes mom and Amy emerged from Amy's room. Amy's face was tear stained and she to looked pretty embarrassed when she saw me knowing I must have heard. Amy headed for the bathroom to wash her face and mom came into the kitchen to join me. She still had the paddle in her hand and came in and set it down on the kitchen counter. She said she thought she heard me talking to Bob and the bedroom door was closed so she didn't want to walk in on him to put it up. I said yes mom he's home and yes he is in the bedroom but it doesn't need put up just yet because she wasn't done with it. She said what do you mean is there something we need to discuss. I said yes there is and proceeded to tell her what I walked in and caught Bob doing when I got home. Now mom knows he wants to be spanked but really doesn't know all his little kinky fantasies. I have told her just a little about how he asked to be spanked in the beginning and how it had become a fantasy for him growing up since he never got them from his parents. I said so basically what happened today falls under what I told you before about him getting excited about spankings. I said I think it will go a long way in helping him with this if you just made it a reality for him like it was for us growing up. She said she would be glad to help and that it sounded like he needed to be taught a proper lesson in self control.

So I took mom back to the bedroom and when we walked in Bob was still in the corner and hadn't moved. I said Bob mom is here and ready to deal with you now so I'm going to leave you two alone to discuss things. I said just make sure you do whatever she ask and don't disrespect her in any way. Mom said don't worry Dianne I can deal with him if he does. She then told him to come out of the corner and come over to her. He had his hands in front of him trying to cover up but I could clearly see the erection had not returned which I was glad of. Mom sat on our bed and had him stand in front of her and the lecture began. I left the room but did listen at the door for a few minutes while she questioned him. She told him that was a very nasty thing to do and she couldn't believe he was in here doing that while she spanked Amy. She told him there's nothing sexual about a spanking and it was meant to teach a lesson. She said obviously you don't realize that but that she bets by the time she's done with him he's going to. She said if I would have caught one of my daughters doing this I would have made sure they didn't sit comfortably for a week and would have spanked them every day if that's what it took to make them realize spankings weren't fun and certainly not sexually exciting. She then asked if that's what he needed was for her to come over and spank him every day till she spanked the perverseness right out of him. I heard Bob mumble something and mom quickly reply look at me when you talk to me and speak up. I then heard Bob say no ma'am that won't be necessary and that he was sorry. She said well your certainly going to be by the time we're through young man and then I'll decide if I need to come back tomorrow and give you a repeat performance. At this point I did kinda feel sorry for him knowing how he must be feeling but knew it was for his own good. I've said in this blog before be careful what you wish for because it might just come true,

About this time Amy came out of the bathroom and saw me listening outside our bedroom door. I held my finger up for her to be quiet and she came and caught the tale end of moms scolding. Finally we heard mom say alright young man get over my knee so I can give you what you think you wanted. I did hear mom say as we tiptoed off that the last spanking she gave Bob was going to seem like playtime compared to what he was about to get. Then we heard the smacking begin as we rounded the corner into the family room and I could tell by the loudness of the smacking mom wasn't holding back. And it didn't take long before Amy and I could hear his screams and pleas all the way from the kitchen. After several minutes we heard it stop but then it picked up again a few minutes later. This happened a couple of times. And the second time when it started back the smacking sound was a little different but I could hear Bob screaming and begging even more than he had been. I later found out that mom had switched over to my strap to bring the point home.

Finally it stopped and all was quiet for several minutes. As I said  Amy and I were in the kitchen making dinner and I was explaining to her why he was getting spanked, and she was telling me a little bit about why she got spanked. I told her I warned you mom was serious about spanking us if we needed it. She said that she knew I was but just didn't think before she opened her mouth. She said as soon as she said it she knew she was in trouble but was hoping to talk her way out of it. She said when that didn't happen she knew mom was serious about not forgiving her until she accepted her punishment and she didn't want mom mad at her so she gave in. I told her at least she got a choice and that mom never gave me one. I said but then I didn't tell her she wasn't going to spank me either like you did. I said I was afraid that would make matters worse.

Finally mom came out of the room and joined us in the kitchen and she looked a little flushed like she'd had a good workout. She looked at me and said I don't think he'll be thinking that's exciting anymore but if he does just call me and I'll be glad to come over or you can send him to my house and I'll re-enforce his lesson. I said if that becomes necessary I'll be glad to let her know. I asked her if he was taking his shower and she said no that she'd put him back in the corner to think about his actions. She said she told him he could come out as soon as soon as I decided he'd been there long enough. I said alright then we'll just let him stay there and dwell on his spanking. I said I'll go and  tell him he can get in the shower about 15 minutes before dinner is ready. I asked mom if she was staying for dinner and she said she needed to get home because she had some things she needed to do. So she gave Amy and I a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye. Amy told her again she was sorry and mom said not to worry all was forgiven and she hoped she learned her lesson. Amy said she did and mom left.

Well curiosity killed the cat as they say so once mom was gone I told Amy to come on and we went back to the room and opened the door. Boy were we surprised when we saw him. I didn't know mom had it in her but his poor butt was a dark crimson and he was very red all the way down to the backs of his thighs. He didn't take his nose out of the corner but we walked up to him and I asked if he'd learned his lesson. He said he had and then Amy reached out and squeezed his bottom and commented I can't believe you were in here jerking off to me getting spanked. He told her he was really sorry. She said well I should be mad but looking at your poor backside here I think you learned your lesson. She said I don't know what your fantasy was but it must have been a big one because you came out much worse than I did and then giggled. I told him to stay in the corner and I would let him out in time to get cleaned up for dinner. He asked if mom was still here and I said why do you need some more? He said no he was just wondering. I know he was going to be embarrassed if she was staying for dinner is why he was asking. But I told him she left otherwise Amy and I wouldn't be in here admiring her handiwork. I said in here doing that might give her a reason to give us a spanking as well, I said that's something you didn't do growing up was make fun of the person who got spanked unless you wanted one also.

So we left him in the corner and went back and finished making dinner and as promised I gave him enough time to get cleaned up and dressed so he could join us.

So there you have it that was our Monday evening. And if you'd like more detail about what exactly happened in the room while mom was spanking Bob let me know and I'll have him give his personal account of it since I wasn't in the room.



Now for the question I want to ask all the wives or girlfriends who discipline out there. And that is how do you feel about what I did. I'm not second guessing myself because the fact he was masturbating while thinking about my sister did piss me off, I'm just curious how you would have handled it or if you'd have done something different. I feel we can all learn from one another.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One Final Post

Hey Everyone,

I know I said I was done posting and I promise this is not a change of heart to go back on my word. But something happened that I never thought would ever happen so in fairness I decided to write about it. I thought long and hard about this and this is probably the hardest post I've ever written, as it was me on the receiving end this time. And writing this I not only felt like would help me to cope with this but as I said to be fair I've wrote so many post about Bob getting spanked that I felt it was only fair to share this.

It all started last Saturday I was out running some errands and mom had come over to the house to wait for me because we were going to lunch later that day. When I got home the outside gate was wide open apparently from the wind. First let me say that the latch had been messed up and it was not locking properly something I had been telling Bob needed fixed. He had done a temporary fix on it by placing some wood in front to keep it from blowing open. But apparently he had mowed the evening before and forgot to put the wood back in place. That morning when I left I don't think it was open but as happens in Oklahoma later that afternoon the winds picked up.

Anyways I go into the house and mom is sitting there watching television and I immediately asked where the dogs were. She said she had let them out about an hour ago but they hadn't come back to the door wanting back in yet. Immediately I panicked and went into the backyard calling and looking for them but they were no where to be found. I went back in and mom asked what was wrong and I said the gate was open and they obviously got out. I said I was going to look for them and believe me by this point I was panicking.  She said she would go with me and so we both got in the car and started searching to no avail.

Well I let my worry get the best of me and in an attempt to find someone to blame I started getting very hateful with mom. I said things like I couldn't believe that she let them out and didn't notice the gate was open. Also how could she have waited so long without checking to see if they were alright. She said she had no idea the gate latch was broken and she didn't know how long they usually stayed out. Well I continued to vent on her while we searched for about half an hour until she finally said for me to take her back to the house that way if anyone called about the dogs she would be there to answer. Looking back I now know she was fed up with me being cross with her and blaming her for them getting out.

I called Bob at work and told him what had happened and he told me to keep him posted and tried to reassure me that we would find them. I unloaded on him as well for not fixing the gate before this happened.

Well about another thirty minutes went by and I wasn't having any luck with my search and then mom called me and told me to come home and get her because someone had called and had found the dogs and she had the address. I was so relieved and rushed home got mom and we went and got the dogs which were almost 2 miles from home. Thankfully we did have tags on both of them with their names and phone number.

Once we got back home I was so relieved and made sure the gate was secure first thing. When I walked back into the house mom was sitting at the kitchen table waiting for me. I walk in and she said in a very stern voice that I haven't heard in years "YOUNG LADY SIT DOWN WE NEED TO HAVE A TALK". I was relieved the dogs were home safe but nervous by the tone of her voice.

I asked her what was on her mind and she proceeded to tell me the way I treated her was inexcusable. By blaming her for letting the dogs get out when all she simply did was let them out into the backyard. I immediately started saying I was sorry and she was right I shouldn't have blamed her. She then asked what would I do to Bob if he had done this to me like I did her. That was a loaded question I didn't want to answer so I just kinda stared at her. She calmly said she was waiting for an answer. I must admit I felt like a little girl again but I finally said I would give him a spanking. I then went on to say (probably trying to defuse the situation) that he is going to get a spanking for not fixing the gate and that it is all his fault not hers.

She agreed that he needed to be dealt with but that doesn't change the fact of the way I treated her. I tried to explain that I was worried and upset and was just angry because the dogs had gotten out. She said she understood that but that is still no reason to treat her the way I did and that I should never be hateful like that to anyone but especially my own mother. I couldn't argue her point so I asked if she would forgive me. She said she would but she still felt like I needed to be punished for my actions as a way of re-enforcing the lesson. I said what do you plan on doing as if I didn't already know. She said I think just like when you were younger you need to go over my lap and get a good spanking as a reminder not to get hateful when under a little stress. She said your still my daughter and not to old to learn a lesson from your mother. Again I was speechless and just stood there letting those words sink in. I was 19 the last time my mom spanked me when I was living at home and couldn't believe twenty something years later it was about to happen again.

She then said go and get me your little paddle that you use on Bob and I'll wait right here for you. Well I knew better than to argue with her as that only makes things worse. Sure I could have refused and told her no and ruined my relationship with her. But deep down I knew she was right and that I should have never treated her like I did. So I went and got the paddle and made my return. She pulled out one of the kitchen table chairs and sat down. She said alright young lady lets get this over with and told me to pull down my jeans. I did as instructed and boy was I shaking at this point. I started to lay across her lap and she stopped me and said panties to. I looked at her full of shame and embarrassment and begged her to please let me leave my panties on. She said you know I only give bare bottom spankings so get them off. Besides I'm your mother I used to diaper you and a little humility will be good for you.

After lowering my panties I quickly went over her lap and because we have those high kitchen chairs my legs were actually dangling off the floor. This made me even feel more like a little girl. Mom wasted no time and she delivered that first swat with the paddle and I jumped as best I could without having any traction with my feet since they weren't touching the floor. But that was just the start as she continued to give me a paddling like I hadn't had since I was 19. Tears quickly came as well as the pleading and begging but just like I am with Bob this fell on deaf ears. At one point I tried to reach back and cover my poor bottom but she quickly grabbed my arm and pinned it to my back. Then she gave me a few sharp smacks to the backs of my thighs for reaching back.

She finally finished after what seemed like an eternity to me but in reality was probably just a few minutes. She let me up and grabbed me and hugged me and said she was sorry she had to do that but she felt I needed to learn a lesson. I told her I had learned and that I was sorry and that she was right I never should have treated her or talked to her the way I did. I realized that even though I'm a grown woman she is still my mom and deserves my respect.

After  we talked awhile and my tears subsided she handed me the paddle and commented I guess this won't be the only time this get used today. I assured her it was going to see some use again that evening. She told me to teach Bob a lesson but not to be to angry and take what I got out on him for retaliation. I said I wouldn't but that he was going to get it good for not fixing the gate latch in a timely manner. I mean it has been broken for over a month now.

I took the paddle and put it on the dresser instead of back in my panty drawer since I would be using it later. I went to the bathroom and just like when I was younger the first thing I did was look at my butt in the mirror. It was a very bright dark red all over with some pink marks on my thighs and boy did it still burn and was very warm to the touch. Then I got cleaned up and reapplied my makeup and mom and I went to lunch. I also called Bob while I was getting ready and told him the dogs were home safe and that I wanted that gate latch fixed that day when he got off work. He said he would get the stuff he needed on the way home from work. I then told him that as soon as he got it fixed he could expect to spend a little time across my lap this evening. He simply said yes ma'am I guess I deserve it. I told him yes he does and its been awhile. I said so get it fixed and then before dinner I'll take care of  his punishment. I'm sure this left his mind wondering all day about his impending fate.

Mom and I left for lunch and had a nice lunch with no hard feelings between us. I invited her to stay over with me for the day and have dinner with us. She readily accepted and so mom and I had a really great day all around and I felt closer to her somehow after my spanking. Once Bob got home and fixed the gate I stayed true to my word and asked mom to excuse us for a bit and took him back to the bedroom and gave him a good paddling like he hadn't had in several months now. I guess because of it being awhile I got a lot of reaction and pleading from him almost immediately and while it wasn't anywhere near some of his worse spankings he said it hurt worse than usual.

I gave him a hug and told him I loved him and he said he loved me too. I told him I was proud of him for going so long without a spanking and he said he was sorry he blew it this time. I said well you've come a long way from when we started this lifestyle are you saying spankings don't excite you anymore? He said he still liked the sexy ones but he's realized that punishment isn't exciting at all. I said well I'm glad you see that now and I don't have to punish you as often. But just as you've learned tonight if I feel the need I will do it because I love you and want you to be a good person. He said he understood and apologized again for not fixing the gate when he should have. I told him to get cleaned up and then come out and join mom and me for dinner.

Later that night in bed I told him about mom taking me over her knee and why. He said he was so sorry and said it was his fault for not fixing the gate so if I felt like I wanted to give him another spanking or caning for me getting paddled he would understand. I told him I loved him so much and that while yes I agree that it was his actions or lack of action fixing the gate that led to my demise. That I couldn't blame him for my actions towards my mom. I said that was inexcusable on my part and I got what I deserved. He did offer to show me some TLC by rubbing some lotion into my sore bottom which I readily accepted and returned the favor to him.

So there you have it that was my Saturday which was one to remember. And as I said this is my last post unless something of this magnitude ever happens again. I just wanted to be fair about it since I've wrote so many post about Bob's spankings I felt it only right to share this experience with you all.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Final Post

Hey Everyone,

As the title implies this will be my final post to the blog. I know this is going to make many of you sad but I hope you will understand my feelings.

I started this blog for two main reasons the first was to be kind of a way for me to write out my feelings after I began this new way of life with Bob. Especially after I had found our what he had done to get his desires filled by gong behind my back in the beginning. Needless to say this did hurt me very much as I've expressed in my earliest writings. So this blog I guess gave me a place to vent those feelings and thus help me to come to grips with what happened. Sort of an outlet for me to let things go and move on to a healthy relationship with Bob again. I got a lot of feedback from many of you and it helped me to understand this lifestyle better. I wanted to make sure I was filling his needs so this wouldn't happen again. And by doing this I've benefited as well by him becoming a better husband and more in tune to my needs as well. At first it was strange to me but as Bob and I had many discussions over the course of starting this and also feedback from all of you as well things finally got to the point of feeling normal.

The second reason I started this blog was to hopefully educate others about this and how strong the feelings are for people who want this lifestyle. And hopefully help them to understand their partners need before they went and sought it somewhere else like what happened to me. And I feel as though I've accomplished that in some small part.

I never started this blog as an entertainment tool and I feel like that is what it has become. I feel like I've covered how we've come along and how this lifestyle works for us now as well as the dynamics of how this lifestyle works for us and can work for others. Although I think everyone needs to come up with their own rules for themselves because we are all different. And what has worked for us may not work for others. It's not a cookie cutter type of lifestyle it takes a lot of trust and communication between partners for it to be effective. And we have actually reached the point that I haven't had to punish Bob in several months now.

It's for that reason there really hasn't been any new post. And as I said I've done some thinking on my own these past few months and I feel at this point in time writing about every spanking I have to give Bob is just sharing our lives for the entertainment of others. Not that there is anything wrong with that and there are plenty of blogs that do this very well. But as I said that was never my purpose for this blog and so I've come to realization that's the direction this blog has been heading.

So I've decided since I don't feel any need to express my feelings anymore since I'm over the hurt from what happened with Dee. And also I feel I've covered all the aspects I know about this lifestyle to help educate others then I've accomplished everything I set out to do. So I hope you can understand this and respect my decision to keep our life to ourselves from here on out. Nothing is going to change for us and we will continue to learn and grow as a couple, it's just I won't be sharing things about us on the blog anymore.

I wish everyone the best and hope you find what you want in life as well like Bob and I have. And again I'm sorry for the bad news I know this is going to be a let down to a lot of you but I hope you can understand my feelings as well.

It's been an educational time for me and hopefully you as well. I've made many new online friends and I cherish that. Again I wish everyone the best!!!


Friday, April 11, 2014

A Quick Update

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to write a quick update and let everyone know that it has been a little over three weeks now since Bob has had a cigarette.  He is doing very well and says the cravings aren't totally gone but it is getting easier.

In case you were wondering I did have to break out the cane as I mentioned in  my last post but only once. It was about four or five days after I posted the last post and at first I thought about not giving him a caning. He came home that day and I asked him how his day went and apparently he had had a pretty rough day at work. Of course my next question was if he had smoked that day. Well he didn't answer right away which I know is the first sign with him something's up.

He proceeded to tell me that he was having a really rough day and one of his coworkers and him went out to lunch. Once off company property his coworker lit up. He said he tried to resist but since it was such a rough day he asked if he could just have a little drag off his cigarette. He said his friend offered him a whole cigarette but he told him he just needed a couple of puffs to take the edge off. He swore up and down to me that's all it was, just a couple of puffs. As I said he can't lie to me so after asking him if that was all it was and he told me again it was I was convinced he was telling the truth.

 So at first I was thinking well it was just a couple of puffs so I guess I could let it go. Again I was thinking this I didn't say it out loud. I finally asked him how he felt about it and he said he felt terrible. I said well did it make your day go better and again he replied it didn't. I told him to go take a shower and by the time he got out we'd (Amy and I) would have dinner ready and we could talk about it some more.

This gave me time to think and also discuss it with Amy and get her advice on what I should do. She is my sister and I value her opinion after all. Well we both decided that even though it wasn't a whole cigarette it was still smoking and needed to be dealt with. Our reasoning was that if I let it go this time I might come across as soft and not serious about helping him quit.

So we ate dinner and he was being pretty quiet so I said honey don't mope around all night and I guess your wondering if your going to get punished. He said he was so I told him that when I said I would cane him next time I wasn't kidding about that. He begged and pleaded and again reminded me that it was just a couple of puffs. I said I know but those couple of puffs could easily ruin all your efforts up to this point. I said it's like a recovering alcoholic taking a drink. He actually did agree and admit that those couple of puffs made him want more. I said well lets enjoy dinner and have a pleasant evening and we'll deal with this at bedtime.

So we finished dinner and watched a movie until everyone was ready for bed. We said goodnight to Amy and retired to our bedroom. Bob stripped down to his underwear which is how he sleeps. I stripped down to my panties and put on my nightshirt and then got the cane out of my closet. I told him to bend over the end of the bed and drop his underwear.

He did as I asked but asked me if I was going to give him ten or just a couple since he just had a couple of puffs. I quickly informed him that smoking was smoking whether it was a whole cigarette or just a coup;e of puffs so he was getting ten as promised. I said if I were you I would not put myself in a situation again by going to lunch with a friend who you know is going to smoke. I said that way you won;t be tempted. I said I sure would hate to have to put fresh stripes on top of old ones but I will if necessary.

I asked if he was ready and he said yes ma'am in a meek voice and tried his best to brace himself. I took up my position and delivered the first stroke which got an immediate reaction with a little jump and moan from him. I waited until I saw the little whelp come up and delivered number two. This one got a louder yelp out of him. Again I waited till the skin raised up a nice pink line and gave him number three. This time I got an all out yell of pain and the begging me to stop he'd learned his lesson began. I of course ignored those pleas and told him he knew he was getting ten so there's no sense in begging. I continued on slow and methodical until we got to ten. By the time it was over he was visibly shaking and had tears in his eyes and had made a big wet spot on the pillow he'd buried his face in from slobber.

I helped him up and held him till he settled down and told him I loved him and hated to do this but he needs to understand he needs to stop and not cheat by just taking a couple of puffs. He said he understood and thanked me for caring enough to help him and again told me he was sorry. I said I forgive you and to remember how good it's going to be once he's quit. I said hopefully this little caning tonight will help remind you for a few days. He said it definitely would and he gave me a hug and told me how lucky he is to have such a wonderful wife. I told him he was a great husband as well and I was proud of him for really trying to quit. I said I really hope this is the last caning I give you for smoking because I would much rather give you a big reward for quitting. He agreed  reward would be much more enjoyable.

And as I said in the beginning of this post so far it's been a little over three weeks since that night he got caned and he has not smoked since. So I'm hoping he keeps it up which I think he will. I'm thinking if he goes two months without smoking I'm going to have to think of something as a big reward to celebrate it. So let's hope I can think of something and write about his reward sometime in the future.

Hope everyone is doing well and hopefully spring is finally here to stay. I've had enough cold weather to last me for awhile after this winter!!!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Little Help

Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well and just to let you know the new job is going well just very time consuming. It does seem to be getting easier as time passes and I think I'm on the downhill side of the learning curve now.

Bob has been exceptionally well with his behavior so other than the lack of time there really hasn't been anything new to write about. He has asked for and received a couple of his special spankings since my last post but since I already wrote about what those are like in a previous post there's no need to be repetative.

And this post is not about his behavior but more as the title suggest some much needed help from me to quit a nasty habit. Bob is a tobacco user and has tried to quit on several occasions unsuccessfully on several occasions. Now let me say that while I have agreed to help him with his behavior areas such as this or overeating I don't feel like I should get involved with unless it starts effecting me in some way. I feel he knows how to take care of himself and knows what to do and not to do. And that really a person has to want to really do something for it to be successful. Making them do something I don't feel has as good as results. But again this is just my opinion and you may agree or disagree.

Now of course if he ask for my help then that would be a completely different story and I would take that as a sign of him wanting to and feeling like he just can't do it on his own. But as for this particular case I stepped in without being asked by him first.

The reason being is that they passed a no tobacco policy at his work that went into effect March 1st. He had told me that would be a good way for him to finally quit. However after March 1st I saw he was still using tobacco and so I asked him about what he did at work. I said if you can keep from doing it at work then you should also be able to stop using it at home. He said well I haven't exactly quit using it at work but I have cut back and am making progress. I said well if your still doing it at work then why did they even pass a no tobacco policy if they're not going to enforce it.

He proceeded to tell me that oh they are enforcing it and that if they catch you using tobacco then you immediately get wrote up for it. And after three times you can be fired. I looked at him and said and your telling me you still are doing it knowing what the consequences are. He said yes but the key statement in that is that is what happens if you get caught so he is just careful not to get caught.

Well you should know me by now and realized that that remark pissed me off a little bit. As I said I feel like this is something he needs to do on his own but now knowing the stakes and the fact that he could lose his job it is now effecting me as well. I got real quite and he looked at me and asked if he was in trouble. I said no but I am upset knowing your taking chances like that with your job. I said I'm not going to spank you since you've been honest with me about this but I do think I need to give you some help to quit.

He asked what I was planning I'm sure knowing it wasn't going to be enjoyable. I said well I'm thinking along the lines of for every time you use tobacco I will give you ten very hard strokes bare bottomed with my strap. So if you say do it three times throughout the day then that's thirty strokes. At that point he got real quite and so I finally asked if the cat had his tongue. He said no but didn't I think that was a little harsh to start out and that I should give him a little bit of a chance to do this on his own. I said well it is now almost the middle of the month and the new policy started on the first of the month so he's had a chance already to do it on his own. That plus the fact that I now know the consequences it's time I stepped in starting that day.

Well that day (Sunday) I took his tobacco away from him and he didn't get to do any the rest of the day. But come Monday morning he had some at work so he did partake in it. When I got home Monday evening the first thing I asked him was if he had used any tobacco that day. He said he did but it was just about 3 or 4 times throughout the day. I said was it three or was it four because I need to know how many strokes he has coming. I said and don't lie to me or it's going to be much worse. He finally admitted four times but he was really trying.

I said well after this I bet you try harder tomorrow and grabbed him by the arm and led him back to the bedroom. He was begging me to please not be to hard on him because it's not easy to just quit. I said I understand and that's why my punishment shouldn't be easy either. I siad if I'm going to have success in helping you quit then I need to make an impression.

I had him strip from the waist down and I laid a couple of pillows on the bed and told him to get over them. He complied but was shaking and very nervous from the start. I went full force from the start and by the third or fourth stroke had him screaming in agony and begging me to stop. I of course told him he knew what I'd told him and that he was getting all forty strokes. I divided them into groups of ten and by the time we were finished he was a blubbering mess.

The second day he didn't use any tobacco but by the third day he said he did once that day just to take the edge off. Of course once I found out I took him back to the bedroom again and applied ten more hard strokes to an already very sore and bruised bottom. And because of his tender bottom I got almost the same results as I did with the first forty a couple of days earlier.

He has now gone three days without using any tobacco and I also told him to help keep him on track I was going to up the stakes a little bit. He asked what I meant and I said well right now with a sore bruised bottom it's probably a little easier not to slip up and use tobacco. But I don't want you slipping up in a few days when the pain subsides. So if you do happen to start back up or if you feel tempted to use it then next time same rules apply only I'm going to use the cane instead of the strap. He hates the cane the worst out of all  my implements and with good reason. So for now he has stopped and it only took two sessions with my strap to motivate him to quit. And only time will tell if he stops for good but if not the cane is ready and waiting.